Another Apology Needed From The Administration

01 Mar
Another  Apology Needed From The Administration

Hey, I need to use something off my chest (this comes “FROM THE VEST POCKET ” – near the heart).  It has to do with the burning of the Koran in Afghanistan.  I, for one, can understand how that people of Afghanistan feel when they find partially burned.  Koran in a garbage dump.  I wouldn’t like it if somebody burned Bibles that way.

But when they find out that the reason for the burning of the Koran – because their enemies were using the Koreans to pass inflammatory messages and secret messages and do finally the Koran already, it seems it should make a difference in how they feel.  And that is because the Koran was already defaced by their own Muslims and the American soldiers tried to respectfully destroys those Koreans – it seems there should be some mental adjustments for that and that the anger should be aimed more at the prisoners, the Muslim prisoners.

I have to say that I agree with that young lady who put out an apology on YouTube entitled, “My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans.”  ( where is the apology from Pres. Karzai for all the murdered soldier of the Americans were there fighting for them?  As a matter of fact, where’s the apology for an hour U.S. Army was required to burned Bibles in either Iraq or Afghanistan – I don’t member which nation – required by Muslims that our army burned those Bibles?  It seems to me that there would be some apologies coming our way.  Here we are fighting for them trying to save their nation and deliver those people and bring freedom to the women, and this is how they treat us?

 This is not radical Muslims doing all this shooting, killing and rioting in the streets in Afghanistan now, no, this is mainstream Islam.  And we hear they are supposed to be the peaceloving religion.  We are supposed to be tolerant with them when they are totally intolerant of any who are “Christian”?  These are the same people that are supportive of killing Christians when they change from Islamic faith to the Christian faith?

 Pres. Obama said he will punish the people responsible for burning the Koran and do it speedily.  I ask you, where is the speedy investigation and punishment for those who are responsible for FAST ANDFURIOUS? Where is the speedy apology from Eric holder to the family of the man, Brian Terry, who was killed on the border with guns that were part of the Fast And Furious debacle? 

 Why can’t an American family received the speedy apology, speedy prosecution of those who enacted this crime against American citizen? Where is the speedy apology? Eric holder, still has never called that family or apologize to that border patrol agents family!  This is ridiculous!

 And where is the outrage from our media: this current administration into account for this blatant disregard for its own citizens kowtowing to the Muslims in Afghanistan?  I think it’s time things change in America.  I think we need new leadership.  I think it’s time you have people that do things on the basis of principle, not politics, not political correctness.  It’s time we had leaders was the moral fortitude.

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One response to “Another Apology Needed From The Administration

  1. Deaf Ranger

    March 1, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    I doubt that Eric Holder will ever admit the need to apologize. It has been so long now and he hasn’t even contacted the family. It shows who gets priority! I am also disappointed in how long the congressional investigation is taking o get to the root – they are allowing too much time for the culture of corruption and gangland politics to cover and hide. I think they are trying to get beyond the elections.

    I wish the House would start impeachment proceedings against Holder. aybe that would start something happening.

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