14 Mar

President Obama is jeopardizing the security of the citizens of the USA for political advantage.  In a recent newspaper article in Israel, it just came out that the U.S. has suggested a deal with Israel that if they put off bombing Iran until after the 2012 elections we would provide new bunker busting bombs and other military equipment such as refueling planes and so on, to Israel.

In my mind this is atrocious.  If Iran gets the nuclear bomb, they won’t just stop at bombing Israel.  They will use this technology to hold other nations hostage, to bomb Europe including the United States. This will also allow Iran to become the dominant power in the Middle East.  The terrorists sponsored by Iran will be sneaking across our southern, unprotected, borders and perhaps even northern borders, with the sole intent of bringing nuclear destruction to America.

It is completely wrong for the President to jeopardize the people of the United States for these purely political reasons. Iran is very close to having nuclear capability within the next few months, not in a year or two as the administration is prone to emphasize.  We are told by many analysts that it is only months away!

There is now satellite evidence that they are moving a lot of earth that has radioactivity because they tested a nuclear trigger device.  The only reason for this nuclear trigger device is to set off a nuclear weapon.  This invalidates the argument that Iran is only developing peaceful uses for nuclear energy and that they are not very advanced along the lines of developing a nuclear bomb!

With this evidence, it makes no sense to put off dealing with Iran, supporting fully Israel and do nothing “before the 2012 elections.”  This shows a president who is more concerned for his political advantage than he is for the protection of the citizens of the United States.


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