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To New York Times, 3/17/12 11:27 PM The problem seems to be that you are trying to SLANT this article. You are giving a report of police activity that “seems” to be wrong, but you don’t give fair and honest and balanced perspective of the OWS people. I have seen them be antagonistic toward the police, purposely do things to challenge them and do outright illegal things for which they should be arrested.

If OWS wants to do something of perpetual good they should take their OWS to OWHOccupy the White House” since that is where the biggest problem in our nation resides. With the WH occupant having dinners that cost in excess of $30,000 where no 99%’ers can get in or him being the one that gave billions of dollars to the elite while only giving the shaft to those who are truly the 99% and showing extreme favoritism to the rich while giving only lip service to those of us who are poor, that is where the effort needs to be directed.

If they really want to help change the USA and the situations we face, let them go to the root of the problem. Let them turn their attention to Washington DC and the man who bailed out large companies and corporations and did nothing to bail out those who have lost their homes, jobs and fortunes after years of hard work. Let them cry to impeach the problem maker, the spender, the vacationer (16 in 3 years), the rip off artist – the trampler of the many, who robs from the poor to give to the rich. Let them raise their voices to that end. Let them do it in a respectful manner.

Let me say that in an article by the Associated Press there was much fairer treatment of the whole situation. The AP brought out the fact that the OWS protesters threw a glass bottle at the bus where the police had detained those who were arrested for criminal activity. They also noted that one protester was having trouble breathing while the NYT said she was having a seizure, an obvious attempt by the NYT to sensationalize the situation. NYT also gave little to no reporting of impropriety of the OWS. the AP also noted that the OWS broke curfew which required many arrests.

The AP reported, quoting, “But New York Police Det. Brian Sessa said the tipping point came when the protesters started breaking the park rules. They set up tents. They had sleeping bags,” he said. Electrical boxes also were tampered with and there was evidence of graffiti. Sessa said Brookfield Properties, the park owner, sent in security to advise the protesters to stop pitching tents and to leave the park. The protesters, in turn, became agitated with them. The company then asked the police to help them clear out the park, the detective said. “Most of the people, they left the park,” Sessa said. “People who refused to leave and were staying were arrested.”

All of this was NOT reported in the NYT article. Again it seems apparent that the NYT is slanting their report to sensationalize the situation and to smear the NYPD. Another distinction that I thought of interest was that Michael Moore, a 1%’er, was there walking among the OWS pretending to be a 99%’er. True hypocrisy at its best!


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