26 Mar

While there is a lot of confusion in this case and no one knows for sure what has happened.

What we DO KNOW is that the national media is playing the “Race Card” again!  The fact is that Trayvon is black!  The fact is that Zimmerman is hispanic and white. This begs the question, “Why is the national media portraying Zimmerman as white?  Why not as hispanic?”

How does the national media portray President Obama? Obama is 50% white and 50% black. Why does the national media become inconsistant?  Obama should be focused on as white as they are doing with Zimmerman.

The reason is they are doing race-baiting in one situation and trying to use race to promote voting by a minority segment of society.  It is in both cases, it is racially motivated.  I beleive it is wrong to use race to incite people and stir up trouble.  Sharpton, Jessy Jackson, Obama, are all playing to the black community to get them riled up.

Now, the Black Panthers have gotten involved and are offering $10,000 for the arrest of George Zimmerman and threatening to come up with $1 million.  They are already assuming, “assuming”, that Zimmerman is guilty of some crime.  They call out, no, shout out for justice, but justice requires time and sane people who think rationally, not with their emotions.

stirring up emotions and irrational actions is not going to promote justice.  It will promote injustice and possibly anarchy.  It will drive wedges between people of the community and perhaps cause greater hurt then would have been  happening otherwise.


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