03 Apr

Check out the most arrogant people on the planet! Can you guess who they are? If you are stumped you have missed yesterdays news. This is the grosses miscarriage of justice to promote a “One World Northern Hemisphere!”

Obama has never complained before – he uses unelected people to make the rules for the Obama care.  What of all his czars that he is put in power in the White House?  These are unelected people making rules that affect this nation in many different areas!

What is he nuts?!  Does he think we are stupid?  Does he think the American public is so gullible to fall for his narrative?  Why does he treat us like were a bunch of imbeciles who don’t understand what he’s about, or what he’s doing?

Is this the most arrogant president. We have seen in years, if not centuries?  Have we ever seen a president who is more self-serving and not serving the citizens of America?  Did he get into politics just to make a name for himself and to use his thuggery try to browbeat the American people like they do in Chicago style politics?  Doesn’t this bring back to memory the days of Al Capone?  I am totally appalled at his “bedside manner.”  It’s time somebody called him out and set him straight.

Isn’t it time for the lame-stream media to get the veil off their eyes; to stopped overdosing on sleeping pills?  Isn’t it time we get a President AND a Congress who want to serve the people instead of maintaining a hierarchy of a political class of LORDS that rule over the serfdom of America?

Can you tell the president Obama has touched a nerve in my system?

What is this talk by Pres. Felipe Calderon talking about no borders between nations?  What?!  Is Canada, Mexico and the United States becoming a United nation???  We are the United States, PERIOD.

And all this was taking place in the Rose Garden?  I suppose this fits with the song, “I never promised you a rose garden.”  But now we see what he has been sneaking in the political perspective of “CHANGE.”  With the speeches that were made today (April 2, 2012).  It seems like the presence of roses are gone, but we still have a lot of the thorns. As if we are not bleeding enough already we are getting the thorns stuck to us by this “MORE NONSENSE” talk!  We don’t need for more years of this.

This press conference gave our President another opportunity to show himself very unpresidential!

Pres. Calderon go home and be quiet if you can’t respect our national borders and the will of the American people.  Take care of your own problems at home before you, and try to tell Americans what to do.  Actually, your problems or flowing over and becoming our problems.  This gives a greater reason for the link the wall!

If you listen to Pres. Calderon’s comments in the Rose Garden you can tell he must be suffering from heat stroke.


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