Entry to Mental Health Clinic Blocked By Occupy Chicago

13 Apr

Chicago –  the Occupy Chicago movement is now blocking a medical clinic for mental health in the early hours.  May I make this observation:

Occupy Chicago– they are the ones that need to be in the medical clinic for mental health. Maybe they are just trying to be the first in line. They need to change their name from Occupy Chicago to Occupy Stupidity. What? Oh, that’s right, they can’t collect freebies for being stupid. Nothing can help stupid and medical insurance will not cover that.

Perhaps they can claim that “thuggery” deserves special consideration. I understand their chance is: “we are from Chicago High, and no one could be prouder, and if you cannot hear us now will yell a little louder or will beat the he** out of you.”

I suggest we put them on stronger doses of Ritalin, place them in padded cells and put straitjackets on them. This would prevent them from hurting themselves and others.

I also prescribe then no news outlets give them any attention. As the adage says, “no news is good news.”

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