“Barack Brought Us From darkness To Light.” – Michelle Obama

19 Apr

Just waited a gall’ dern minute here!  Did you hear what Michelle Obama said about Barack?  She said “he has brought us out of darkness into light.”  Excuse me!  T  hat is a biblical reference to Jesus!  I don’t think Barack comes anywhere close to Jesus. I haven’t seen him walk on water, although some in the liberal press may attribute that to him.  He doesn’t measure up close to Jesus at all.

In 2008 and 2009 many of the pictures of Obama were Photo-shoped to give him a glow reminiscent of a halo behind his head.  But that wasn’t real.  The liberal left thought “GlObama” was their savior, yet he has not turned out to be that in any stretch of the imagination.

There is only one real Jesus, who brings us out of darkness into light!  I think the arrogance of this administration is shown in this statement.

Note: GlObama is a word coined by Michelle Malkin.

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