Stackelbeck: Iranian regime building missile bases off coast of Venezuela

24 Apr

Get ready America…here they come…Iran now wants to deal with the USA and has no fear. They are not afraid of OBomba as they know our missile defense will be neutered if OBomba gets re-elected.

Hello, wake up Administration. What happened to the Monroe Doctrine? Does our President honor past commitments and agreements? Probably not since he is burning the US Constitution and trashing the laws of the land. He is bowing to foreign dictators, sworn enemies of the USA and kissing their budinskis. This is the man who said, “Give me some time I will have more flexibility after I am elected.” (Paraphrased)

Are we looking into the face of (WW)War 3? Remember all the times that the USA retreated into “isolationism” and became a nations of “pacifists” – this is an omen of tragedy for us. We can maintain the peace through a strategy of “Peace Through Strength” only. It won’t happen while we have a whimpering, whining President.

Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren – enslavement, if not death, because of a weak America? If our President can bankrupt our nation he will make it powerless to carry on a war against these oil rich nations. Why else would he want to REALLY stop drilling, limiting the use of coal and bringing us to bankruptcy.

His goal is to radically DEFORM the nation. He was not raised with the American core principles, but those of Marxism and socialism by his mother and father. He devoid of the foundational principles that we all were taught in our educational system. His views are those that flow from a completely foreign perspective. He is not an American by education nor principles.

His plan to turn one group of citizens against another is consistent with a person who believes in a society that has class distinctions. American views are not one of having classes. We moved away from that when we broke from Great Britain. That idea is not consistent with American values. We are currently being ruled by a foreign despot/aristocrat wh sees himself as king/dictator.  This is why he tramples the laws of the land.

He is leading us to the brink of a war that will bring Americans into servatude to Islamic nations. Get ready America, awake from your sleep, rise up and take back our nation before it is deformed and we are no longer able to recognize it.

I say stand your ground!

Stackelbeck: Iranian regime building missile bases off coast of Venezuela – Glenn Beck.

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