My Response to: SB 1070: Supreme Court Appears To Favor Arizona On Controversial Immigration Law At Huffington Post

25 Apr

As an implant to Arizona, I really see the need for the legislation. They need to send our senators and congressmen and call rich women down here to take a look at what’s happening in the borders.  They can take a look at our state finances and see how crippling it is. They can see how the illegal immigrants have trashed the land.  They can see how the cartels have sent in their  spies, how they hide out in caves to spy on the border patrol. 

It not only hurts the American citizens, and the legal immigrants, the “coyotes” hurt the people they bring across the border, the slave trade – the white slavery, the people from Mexico who pay $1000 or more to come into the United States and them are dumped and left without food, water or direction.  This is an ugly business they do.  They hurt everyone they touch and everyone who is touched by those they bring in. 

I’m not against legal immigration, that is the best way. That’s the way my forefathers came. We need to cut the throat of crime. We need to fight against the illegal trafficking across our borders. We need to stop the influx of those who come to be sleeper cells of the terrorists. They come in through our southern border after spending time in Mexico to learn the language, cross the border, to be activated by the terrorists outside our nation.

I have seen the damage that illegals are doing to our nation.  I don’t blame those in Mexico wanting a better life – I’ve been to Mexico many times and understand their plight – but the way to do it is to be legal.  Mexico has stricter laws then the United States.  An illegal immigrant into Mexico can get from 2 to 10 years in prison for such an offense. 

Yet El President tries to castigate the American citizens with his speeches. Hed tries to shame us when they themselves will not allow illegal immigrants and have stricter laws.

President Calderón says we should not build a fence, yet the Mexican government is building a fence on their Guatemalan border. They know the value of a fence and the reason behind it. 

It’s time the US government looked out for its citizens.  It’s time for us to do what’s right and then we will have people who come into our nation respecting our laws.  It’s time for our own citizens to respect our laws. 

Laws without consequences are merely advice.

Illegal immigration will not only affect the border states they will soon invade even the northern states, bringing with it it’s corruption and its tragedies. So send our senators and congressmen and women into the state to observe what is happening. 

Say to our government, “Give us your tired, your poor, your downtroddencongressmen and women to come… and look,… and see what your inaction has done.

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