GMO alert: top 10 genetically modified foods to avoid eating

01 May

I never been very cognizant of what foods are genetically modified nor have I spent much time looking for organic foods.  But my sister pointed out to me this article.  As I looked it over I thought it was quite interesting.

I thought I would post it here and provide an opportunity for those of you that have the more than general interest in foods to look it over.  Actually, I was impressed enough that is starting to make me pay attention to the foods I eat.  There’s no sense rushing to an early grave and was little effort we may be able to prolong our years.

It never hurts to be careful and cautious.  The problem I have with organic foods is that they charge you more to do nothing.  I dislike paying more for less.  But I suppose that in some situations less is more.  Less preservatives means more life.  Less altering means less chemicals in our body to break down our organs and make us push up daisies much earlier than necessary.

Often times the changes that are touted as being good for us we find much later – too much later – to do any good, they are bad for us and are destroying us.  I suppose we could mention DDT, but I won’t.  I suppose I can mention asbestos – though not a food – was to be good for us but we find out years later, too late, that it causes cancer and mesothelioma and destroys our body.

It might behoove us to pay a little more attention to what we put in our body so that we can live longer and that will help us outlast the changes they’re making in the age at which people can retire to collect Social Security and Medicare.  For those who are younger than I am, you can adjust your eating habits and still live to collect your Social Security.

Enjoy reading and eating!

GMO alert: top 10 genetically modified foods to avoid eating.

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