Obama ‘Forward’: President’s Case For Re-Election In A Nutshell : It’s All Politics

01 May

Only Hype


Forward is the word chosen by Obama to represent his reelection platform.  This is his new slogan.  Has it ever been used before by any group?  Is there any significance to the word “FORWARD!”?

I checked on Wikipedia and found out that the word forward is the code word for socialist, Marxist and communist magazines, newspapers, and campaigns.

Did Obama choose this word without knowledge?  I doubt it.  He does not do much politically without having thought it through.  But, this time many people are jumping on it because they realize the root meaning of this word and how it’s being used in political situations.

Wikipedia has already had an article in it regarding Obama Biden campaign but have removed it.  Was it under duress from the Obama administration?  Where is it from what’s the reason behind the removal of that article?

Obama has chosen to clearly define his campaign in the terms of Marxists and Communists leaders throughout the world.  Throughout time.  The difference is that Obama is stumbling forward.  He has no real positive record to run on.  There are no jobs.  There’s no real recovery.  There is no true transparency.  There is no hope under him.  There is no change for the better, only a change for the worse.  He is fundamentally transforming the nation towards socialism.  He is has diminished America in the eyes of the world.  He has thrown our allies “under the bus” and they don’t know if they can trust us.  He has made pledges to Russia to minimize our missile defense by telling them “when I’m elected, I will have more flexibility.”  He tells our secrets to our enemies and allies to our citizens.  This is not a president to be trusted, but rather to be voted out.

May his way.  “FORWARD!”  Be out the door to return no more.  Then may the United States returned to its roots as a nation of laws under the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

We only need two words to define his one term as president…

Obama ‘Forward’ Video: President’s Case For Re-Election In A Nutshell : It’s All Politics : NPR.  NPR recognizes it’s all a political game for Obama and his administration.  You can watch the video, but prepare yourself before hand, have a large brown bag with you!

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