Vanderbilt University Attempts To Remove Freedom Of Religion

01 May

Vanderbilt University has been trying to remove religious freedom from the Christian groups and clubs that meet there. In an attempt to stop the Christian organization from having the leadership they want, a leadership that respects their beliefs and views, the University has said the clubs have to allow anyone, even with differing beliefs and views to be in leadership.  This would negate the value of the club and make it just another secular organization.

The administration of Vanderbilt University has been relentlessly resisting any change in policy. They are restricting religious freedom on their campus.  We’re thankful for those that have stood with them and stood up to the administration.  In interviews with the Christians within the club.  I’ve been impressed with their attitudes and their stance. They are not being belligerent nor are they doing anything disrespectful to the administration.  They’re standing on their principles and showing a good example of what their club is about.

We appreciate Jay Sekulow becoming involved in this battle for religious freedom.  They have been able to rally lawmakers to stand with the time for Vanderbilt University to listen to reason and stop being so paranoid of the liberals and their agenda.
@JaySekulowLegislature comes through in Battle of #Vanderbilt #TN lawmakers stand protecting students’ #religiousfreedom #TCOT

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