DNC launches #QuestionsMittLikes – Conservatives hijack the hashtag!

09 May

Do it! Hijack this #QuestionsMittLikes! It is difficult for me to believe that the DNC cannot see past the end of their nose when it comes to hashtags on Twitter. They try to set up these hashtags against the conservatives or Republicans, but it always comes back to bite them like a rattlesnake!

The same thing happened when they set up the hashtag #gen44 as a hashtag for young people to write comments that support President Obama. But what happened? The conservatives took it over – hijacked – this hashtag and they wound up getting all kinds of feedback they were not expecting!

Will the DNC ever learn? I doubt it. It is the same thing that happened with them and Obamacare – they tried to do something and wound up with the whole nation despising them and their idea. Because of how they went about it, by forcing out of the Republicans with their, “you have to vote on it before you can know what is in it.” and they are stuffing these laws down the throats of the American citizen, they turned the nation against them.

The one good thing that came out of this was the fact that they rallied the conservatives and Republicans against themselves and what they were doing. They exposed themselves to the people. It made the nation aware of what the “hope and change” and “fundamental transformation” was all about. They sounded the burglar alarm on themselves as they tried to steal freedom from the nation’s citizens. They aroused the “WE THE PEOPLE,” who had drifted off to sleep. I was one of them. But no more!

Now, I too, am sounding the alarm. The difference this, I am going throughout this nation sounding the alarm as Paul Revere did to alert the nation. But this time the alarm is this: “The Socialists are coming! The Socialists are coming!” I daily fly the flag, “Don’t Tread On Me.”

We need all conservatives to stand up and resist the oppression from the progressives and Democrats, from the socialist and Marxist who are running the White House and mocking the laws of our land by refusing to enforce good laws, which they have sworn to uphold.

The Senate has failed to put forward a budget for over 1000 days – which the law requires they produce every year. But they mock the laws and steadfastly refuse to do what they are supposed to do; that which they have sworn to do. They move in their unbridled arrogance to trash the Constitution of these United States and thwart the will of the people!

Do not stop here, but let it be just one more way you stand for freedom and a return to the principles on which this nation was founded.

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