MEMO: Culture of Evil

14 May

Obama’s Political group slanders and commits political terrorism on Frank Vandersloot.  They slandered his business only because he gave finances to Mitt Romney. They tried to ruin his business and intimidate the man and are going to try to do this to more businesses.

This is definately “Gangster Government” and anyone who believes in righteousness should be against Obama and his culture of corruption, to the degree that they should not vote for him in 2012.  His corrupt core is being exposed as the “Culture of Evil” and we will no doubt see more of this in the future, which will verify the things that are said here and being said by people who dispise this kind of Culture of Evil.

He says he is a Christian, however, Jesus says that slander is sin. I guess this shows which side of the coin Obama is on, the Christ side or the ANTI side.

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