David Brooks: Obama Displays ‘a Kind of ESPN Masculinity’ |

15 May

As reports this is one of the most hilarious reports. It is absolutely obvious this guy is trying to kiss somebody’s behind.  When you read the things he says it is obvious he is so out of touch with reality.  His description of the president being “in control” are just ludicrous.  Let me give you an example of what David Brooks said:

“Administrations are undone by scandal and moments when they look pathetic, but this administration, guarded in all things, has rarely had those moments…” that in itself is bad enough to listen to what more he says: “Normally, presidents look weak during periods of economic stagnation, overwhelmed by events. But Obama has displayed a kind of ESPN masculinity: postfeminist in his values, but also thoroughly traditional in style — hypercompetitive, restrained, not given to self-doubt, rarely self-indulgent. David Brooks: Obama Displays ‘a Kind of ESPN Masculinity’.”

Obama displays exactly the OPPOSITE!  He displays weak, anemic, insecure and self indulgent tendencies and personality defects.  When most people are insecure what did they do, they tend to put down others, to blame others to try to make themselves look better.  What does this president do EXACTLY THAT! I think David Brooks has its head in the sand. While Obama is bowing to other leaders of other nations I think David Brooks is right behind Obama bowing as well.  Now that is a picture!

You must read the rest of this article so you can understand exactly what David Brooks’ has as his perspective as he bows and scrapes behind this “first gay president.”  it is really laughable except for the fact that he is so deceived.

David Brooks: Obama Displays ‘a Kind of ESPN Masculinity’ |

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