15 May

I just ran across this today.  It is from Jude 1:16:  “these men complain and are never happy with anything. They let their desires lead them into sin. when they talk about themselves, they make it sound as if they are great people.  They show respect to people only to get something out of them.

Jude 1:19 “these are men who will make trouble by dividing people into groups against each other their minds are on the things of the world because they do not have the Holy Spirit.”

If this does not describe what is happening now in our government, in the Obama administration, then I must be reading the news from another planet.  With all the race baiting, the racial accusations, trying to set one group of people (class) against another, speaking how great he is, it clearly fits his manner and character.  It seems his head is so big he can barely get through the door – a double door.

And what is the reason he shows respect to some people?  To take advantage of them, to get something from them.  Why does he  seem to talk nice to the Latinos?  To get their vote.  Why does he talk the way he does to those who are poor?  To get their vote.  Why does he get the government to give the people many things?  So he can exercise power and authority over them.  Less government respects the rights and freedom on this citizens.  He only gives so that he can take away.

Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They just want to make a meal out of you.  I suggest reading the whole chapter of Jude and see what else you find that relates to the Obama administration.  There is more, much more.


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