A Time to Spam An Obama Campaign site and a Time not to Spam

21 Jun

Obama’s team has put together a Facebook page disingenuously called “Truth Team 2012.” In reality it is a malicious gossip page to slam Mitt Romney and propagate propaganda perniciously.

The whole goal of this Facebook page is to obfuscate the truth and make a lie look like the truth and the truth look like a lie. The whole truth is that the Obama team, and Obama himself would not know the truth if it bit him. He is in a constant state of somnombulance.

What a great leader – NOT! He is full of psychobabble and feeding the minds of those who only can use low-value words and phrases, easily duped into Chicago-style manipulation of facts and obfuscation of the truth. He uses this to hide his latent “full plan” for the destruction of the U. S. Constitution and the nation that supports it as he attempts to “fundamentally transform America.”

This is why he seals his records at college and now again in Fast and Furious, duping the veiled minds of the mindless who have vailed their minds and who have eyes to see but do not see the true truth, but are lulled into a stupor of ignorance and arrogance. Tsk Tsk.

 Conservatives check this site then reply to it:

 I encourage you to log in daily or more often and leave messages that confront this belligerent acts of verbal violence vindictively praying pathetically on small minded Americans were unable to discern the truth for themselves.

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