An Open Letter to Emmett C Burns, Junior, pastor of Rising Sun Baptist Church

06 Jul

Mister Emmett C Burns, Junior,
I do not feel, with all honesty, I can call you Reverend.
Your stance on the gay and lesbian marriage issue has taken away your right to be called Reverend because you have betrayed the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I suppose you have received a lot of hate mail – this is not hate mail.  This is offered as correction from someone in the body of Christ.  You seem to have bowed to political pressure or race pressure.  But if you cannot stand with and for Jesus Christ according to his word, then he has clearly spoken about how he will stand with you. I would encourage you to be bold and to take a strong stand for Jesus and his true gospel, not walking in apostasy nor the fear of man.  You know that the fear of man is a snare, but that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

I simply want to point out to you.  The declaration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In Romans chapter 1 verses 18 through 26 and also in Jude God makes it very clear how he feels and where he stands.  You perhaps are familiar with them, but it seems you have lost your bearing on the meaning of those Scriptures.

There is no dichotomy nor synthesis in the gospel of Christ.  He does not hate gays nor lesbians and desires, their redemption.  You have put a stumbling block before them and others.  But the God of the universe, the creator, our Lord Jesus Christ, does not condone their lifestyle nor marriage.  He would simply say to them, “Go and sin no more.”  He would not join them by condoning their sin.

You, sir, will have a lot to answer for because of the negative influence on many people and your betrayal of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  My hope is that you will repent both privately and publicly as you have betrayed the gospel both privately and publicly.  I speak this to your shame.

In the name of Jesus Christ, whom I represent,
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