09 Aug

Trevor Loudon – BARACK OBAMA AND THE ENEMIES WITHIN – his book shares many interesting views.  But only interesting but terrifying.  Recently caught on video by AP was Obama’s statement to the Russians that once he’s reelected, he will have more freedom and flexibility.  Flexibility for what?  To destroy or weaken our military.  So this shows us his friendliness to Russia!

His tax policies are right in line with the communist positions regarding wealth and spreading YOUR wealth.  It is greed to want to keep your money but it is not greed for the government to want your money!  This is part of the never-ending parade of stupid!

Obama’s policies are directly in line with the Communist Party of America.  Check them out if you don’t believe it.  Find out their positions then find out Obama’s positions.

Many Americans have been duped into believing Obama and are in denial at this point.  They refused to believe it and this LAME STREAM MEDIA that we have in America is falling right in line with Obama’s lies, coverups, and distortions of the truth.  We are being sold out, thrown under the bus, sit down the river and flushed down the toilet by our communist president Obama.  Oh, you don’t believe it, read the book, BARACK OBAMA AND THE ENEMIES WITHIN.  It will not only change your mind that it will scare the H*** out of you!

I am thankful for the Latino American Republican Association is bringing him in to Tucson to bring our attention to these facts.  Facts that are verified!  Trevor ALLOWED and has experienced many death threats because of his writings and his books that expose Obama and the people he is brought into his Cabinet.

Obama has been appointing communists different positions, Labor Secretary works with labor unions, James Polson to infiltrate the scientific community, Leon Panetta, Democratic Socialists of America getting back  military, anti-Star Wars, anti-Reagan, (gave up the Doctor that helped us capture Osama bin Laden), because of his connections with known communists he would be able get a job as a sweeper at a military installation.  He is also anti-Jewish.  He openly worked with members of Marxist organizations.

Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s grandfather was a hard-core member of the Communist Party of America and had ties with the Communist Party in Chicago.

Do you still want Obama for president in 2013 and beyond?  Our nation is under siege.  We must do everything we can to stop it!  You can hide your head in the sand or live in denial but as to the destruction of yourself, your children, your grand children and the nation.


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