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We need more people with more passion for the Lord and His kingdom.  But also, God calls different people to different areas of ministry.  Loren Cunningham, the founder of YOUTH WITH A MISSION taught about the “SEVEN MIND MOLDERS” of culture that influence the lives of people.  God needs people in all of these areas, especially if we want to see God’s kingdom established “on earth as it is in heaven.”

THE SEVEN MIND MOLDERS are the Family, Church, Government, Business, Education, Media, and Arts and Entertainment.  For us to truly finished the great commission, we need to find which sphere God is calling us to influence, invade that sphere, and demonstrate God’s excellence to release His Life and commands into that sphere, thus representing God’s kingdom there.

We cannot judge other people’s callings, but need to support all who are trying to make a godly impact into these seven areas.  Each person is responsible to do their calling as God had called them.  As a missionary to the world, I understand the importance of evangelism – especially friendship evangelism and changing the hearts and minds of people.  But, speaking in the area of politics, a nation without freedom limits the ability to send missionaries into all the world.  I believe that America has been given that mandate for freedom so that we can be the greatest sending nation for the sake of the Gospel.

In my mind, ONE of the ways that people can do this, in all the these areas of influence, is to be involved politically in any way possible so that we can promote righteousness in the earth.  The Bible says, “if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  One of the answers seems to me to be: REBUILD THE FOUNDATIONS.  In this day and time of our nation’s foundations are being quickly eroded and we need people to stand and be involved in rebuilding those foundations.  Those foundations of our nation, established in our founding documents, were initially built on the recognition of God,  “… And endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

One of the tenets of our Christian faith is that “Christ came to set us free.” God weants people to be free.  First, we need spiritual freedom, this is most basic.  Then, freedom as a people (ethnos) allows a greater proclamation of the Word of God.  As these foundations crumble and erode it affects all those other areas of the SEVEN MIND MOLDERS, just as the failure to have a passion for God also causes the foundations to continue to crumble and erode.  Actually, we can’t neglect any of these areas of the Mind Molders.  We need people of passion involved in all these areas as God calls them… and we need to support them equally.

We are to be salt and light.  If the salt loses its saltiness.  It is no good.  As I’m sure you know salt is a preservative and we need to do our part to preserve what God has established. If we are to see the KINGDOM OF GOD established on EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, we all need to be the SALT OF THE EARTH as God calls us to be, so we can MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS and in all the spheres of influence.  So no matter which area of the MIND MOLDERS we are involved in, we need to bring Christ and righteousness into those areas, and we need to do it with PASSION.  …And we need to be supportive of each other no matter what their area of ministry happens to be.

Our goal in all these MIND MOLDER areas is to establish the KINGDOM OF GOD IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF MEN!  “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  “Righteousness exalts a nation.  But sin is a reproach to any people.”

“… And having done all this to stand, STAND…” “… Being fervent in spirit serving the Lord…”


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