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08 Sep

Many deaf have changed to  FaceTime  because of the convenience it provides.  However with AT&T’s blocking it is caused some additional problems for the deaf.

“FaceTime’s Wi-Fi limitation has been its only inconvenience, and has led to many missed calls. This is why I personally found AT&T’s assertion that net neutrality rules don’t prevent it from blocking “preloaded” apps like FaceTime so disappointing, and its boasting that it won’t block FaceTime over Wi-Fi so frustrating.

Even if AT&T ultimately decides not to block FaceTime for deaf users on its TAP plan, the company’s plans will still hurt deaf and hard-of-hearing customers. Why? Because the company will still block mobile FaceTime for the people we talk to — our friends and family members who are iPhone users and know ASL, but who are not deaf themselves and thus do not qualify for the TAP plan. The point of having a mobile phone is the ability to be in touch anytime, anywhere — not to have to plan ahead and hope Wi-Fi is available wherever we land.

The bottom line is that data is data. Whatever we pay for, we should be able to use. AT&T needs to rethink this terribly misguided plan and its impact on the deaf and hard of hearing”. – Quoted from the article , read the article for more information.

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