DECKER: Consequences of Obama weakness – Washington Times

13 Sep

Ronald Reagan was a strong leader and because of that nations who were our enemies took notice and were limited on their attacks against us.  In contrast, Obama’s weakness is allowing Islamic nations to get away with a lot of attacks.  Today, there are seven or eight other embassies now under attack in Islamic nations.

It is not the movie that was posted on YouTube that has caused these attacks on our  embassies, that is only an excuse.  What is it that encourages these nations to attack our embassies?  Is Obama’s position of weakness.

” The U.S. foreign-policy apparatus is under the control of Barack Hussein Obama, and America is neither feared nor respected. In fact, America is getting walked all over. Not only are U.S. installations under attack in the Muslim world, there are Russian submarines patrolling our coast in the Gulf, our southern border is crossed at will by Mexican drug gangs, Iran’s program to obtain nuclear weapons is unimpeded, and the secretary of state is jilted on an official visit to China, which happened last week.” said Decker.

DECKER: Consequences of Obama weakness – Washington Times.

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