29 Sep

FINALLY, two lame-stream medias are reporting on the attack in Libya and getting it right.  ABC and NBC – but NBC only has it half right.  They are reporting that within 24 hours our government knew it was a terrorist attack on our embassy by an Al Qaeda related group.  Ambassador Rice, ambassador to UN, lied to five different news organizations and to the UN regarding this. Now the Obama administration is scrambling to shred information about their cover up.  Some are calling for the head of Ambassador Rice to roll.

Finally the Obama administration is admitting that it is not a result of the movie trailer on YouTube that incited this riot.  It was a well planned and orchestrated attack on our embassy.  But why the cover up?  And why does Obama himself keep going back to blame the movie trailer, when the government has already admitted that attack had nothing to do with the movie trailer?  Many suspect that the reason Obama is continuing to blame “the movie trailer” is because he can’t admit to failed foreign policies because of his presidential run – for fear his presidential campaign would be hurt.

If his policies are so great, why is the whole Mideast in such an uproar and burning American flags trashing, burning and looting our embassies?  All the while, Sudan refuses to allow American troops to protect our embassy in their nation!  Is this the result of “successful foreign policies?”

It is time for many to rethink their plan to vote for Obama for four more years.  If we allow him four more years we may well have an Armageddon on our hands.

Having ears to hear they do not hear…

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