BREAKING NEWS: Coptic Christians CRUCIFIED during riots in Egypt 9/11 – 13

12 Oct

The link below will take you to a radio interview that took place in Tucson, Arizona on the JT Harris Show on talk radio 104.1 “The Truth”!

He reported that he was there to protect the Christians at the Coptic churches.  He was wounded and had a lot of shrapnel removed from him that he received during the attack.  They escaped in a four car convoy that was under fire continually until they reached the Israeli border where the Israeli Defense forces rescued them and he was taken to a hospital where he spent two weeks recovering.

He reported that they had told the US Embassy in Cairo that there was going to be an attack on them.  About two or three days before the attack actually came.  The Egyptian embassy simply responded they had everything under control and that Obama had been informed and they had enough Marine protection.  This conflicts with the Obama administration’s report of the incident.

He also reports that three pastors of Coptic Christian churches were crucified and churches were burned during this uprising.  It’s interesting that none of this information has been made public to the American press.

He had many other interesting comments to make, and it’s very important that this news gets out to the American public.  Please follow the link below and then make it known to as many people as possible.

Listen to this! From Caller fm Egypt to J.T. Harris Tucson 104.1 Talk Show

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