More evidence of deception – Crowley lies for the president – Right Turn – The Washington Post

17 Oct

BREAKING NEWS: After last night’s debate, Obama’s nose now reaches two times around the world at the  equator.  Unbelievable how old, is willing to mislead the voters, the American people!  Obama has a holier than thou attitude!

Obama said that he was offended if people blamed him or any of his staff for misleading or covering up.  The administration for two solid weeks when out with the lie about the YouTube video.  He sent out Ambassador Susan Rice to lie about the YouTube video.  He’s offended?  HE’S OFFENDED???  The American people are the ones who should be offended because Obama was lying – Obama is the one who is offenses – he is a huge liar!   Crowley also interjected herself, covering and lying for the president, which she admitted her mistakes today in interviews.   This is as bad the blunder as the Seahawks-Packard  game.

Crowley on September 30 on her show “State of the Union” she challenged Axelrod saying that Obama did not call it an act of terrorism. .  Yet, on the debate she’d lied and covered up for Obama – bought and paid for by Obama – this is another form of were Obama is enslaving the media!

As you listen to the tone of the questions that were asked in the  debate.  You could tell these were not “undecided” voters.  Crowley did not even pronounce Romney’s name correctly.  When she introduced him, “Mitt Rottney”   also, when Obama said about the , jobs coming back from China, he only “wanted the top paying jobs to come back.”  – He was totally writing off jobs for the middle class – the 47%’ers! .

When everybody thought Obama was bowing to foreign dignitaries, no, he was showing his face – he’s a Butthead!   Do I disrespect the presidency?  NO! I disrespect Obama, the man!

More evidence of deception – Right Turn – The Washington Post.

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