26 Oct

Obama’s feigned indignation, during one of the debates, over the fact that anyone in his administration would be charged with misrepresenting the truth about the Libya situation, should cause true indignation to rise up in any American citizen.  Why?  Because off the recently uncovered e-mails about what really happened that night in Libya has proven that many in his administration had full knowledge of what was happening.  Yet they, for two weeks, covered up and  perpetrated a hoax on the American people regarding the facts surrounding that situation.

The fact that they were willing to allow our people, in the service of this country, to die needlessly is despicable.  His lust for “power at any cost” should alarm every citizen.  The fact that he would go to bed and go to sleep while our ambassador was in harm’s way and then get up in the morning and head off to Las Vegas for political rally, is unimaginable for anyone in the highest office of our nation.  This too should arouse our ire and indignation towards this man and towards his pretended indignation.  This man appears to have no thoughts of anyone else except himself.  He appears to be a narcissistic bigot.

We should also have great indignation over the fact without our current president is an habitual liar who is willing to say anything to gain or keep his coveted power.  This should cause our highest indignation toward him and his administrative staff.  He continually misrepresents the facts regarding ObamaCare – “it’s not a tax, it’s a tax.”, misrepresenting facts during the debates, which, when facts checked, show that he is misconstruing the information – just to mention a couple because there are too many to list – this tends to make him be seen as “Liar-in-Chief.”

You may say, “How can you speak against the president this way?”  In all honesty I respect the office of President of the United States but the man who holds that office has shown himself worthy of little to no respect.  He has degraded that office, and because of that he increases the indignation toward himself.  It seems obvious to me that he is unfit to hold this office or any office of public service.



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