Do You Live In A Death Spiral State? – Forbes

28 Nov

After reading the following article I would like to suggest that all Democrats, progressives, liberals move to California. You will be the most comparable in this state as it is no doubt the most progressive state in the nation. At the same time I would like to recommend that most conservatives move completely out of the state and into other states that are not part of the “death spiral” or you will also be more comfortable because those other states are very successful in varying degrees.

For those who want to be “takers” California has one of the best rates they you can get. But if you would like to be someone who is an initiator, a small business owner, a successful person on your own, someone who did “build it yourself” you will probably want to move to Texas, which is one of the freest states in the union. (That is, unless there application to secede is approved, in which case they will not be part of the union.) However, at this time. It seems they are still part of the union, and that true conservatives should live in that state, or one of the other 39 that are not in the death spiral.

But for those who are progressives, again our recommendation is that the state of California is where you best fit, so let us suggest that you “MOVEON.”

Do You Live In A Death Spiral State? – Forbes.

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