Is the TEA PARTY Through?

04 Feb

Some say, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are through… They don’t know what they’re talking about. We are becoming stronger and soon we will becoming louder and with this, we will becoming clearer in our message and become un-stifled by the GOP as we shake off their chains and remove their muzzle. We were dissed at the RNC by the political power brokers and the mediocre macabre moderates who failed to see the value of being Constitutional conservatives while pandering to progressives in their political stand.

The little weasels whimper and cry and cave. They say they are standing for principles, but they bend and bow and scrape before the progressive machine. They PRETEND to fight. They say they stand for principles, but a person who stands for principles does not give them up, they stand – and having done all to stand, they stand.

I just read an article on, which was an interview with Sarah Palin. I was impressed and encouraged. I think when Sarah refused to sign the renewal contract for Fox News it signaled a new beginning, a refreshing stand where we “have yet begun to fight.”

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