Gay Marriage is Not About Gay Marriage

28 Mar

The whole purpose of gays and lesbians wanting to have marriage approved for themselves has nothing to do with the institution of marriage being granted to them or the civil union would be enough. It has to do with the goal of trashing marriage itself and especially as held to by Christianity and other religions. It is to devalue and tear down marriage until it means nothing and to do the same with morals of a culture and to destroy that culture.

Just wait until they run headlong into the Islamic culture, it will be “off with their heads.” That is if God does not bring about a judgement on nations that are fast filling up their “cup of iniquity.”

Daniel Greenfield of the Canada Free Press said, “Every aspect of marriage is deconstructed and then eliminated until it no longer means anything. And once marriage is no longer a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman, but a ceremony with no deeper meaning than most modern ceremonies, then the deconstruction and destruction will be complete.”

We are told in the Bible what the end of time would be like – “…as it was in the days of Noah…” and that bread/wheat  would be sold for a day’s wages. Whoever thought that the famine in the world would be brought on by the financial crisis? Only those who have the wealth would survive and even their wealth would be slipping away. Ah, no wonder there would need to be a different system set up to buy and sell.  Who would have thought we would see NATIONS failing financially? Nations needing a “bail-out.”

The farther we move toward decadence and the nations of the world becoming more and more immoral in their views, the more we see their crumbling structures of civilization. Not so? Just look at what the Romans brought on themselves as a natural law of consequences for their immorality and lust for self-gratification. There was an increase of apathy which can be seen in the quality, or lack of quality, in their workmanship as well as an attitude of apathy within the populace. Do we see that today in our entitlement-minded society?

Will our Supreme Court Justices, headed by Chief Justice John Roberts, continue to fiddle while the country burns and goes up in smoke? Will they help lead us away from the moral basis on which our founders held to, even while some of them were not religious men at all? But they did recognize the need and value of having a society and civilization based on a set of laws which rested on a moral code. Several of our founding fathers even stated that our form of government can not exist apart from the citizens holding to a moral code based upon religious principles.

Today, we see the eroding of those values through our political leaders, the pied pipers, leading us away from the rule of law, all the while creating mountains of laws that they then refuse to enforce, let alone read. Those laws cease to be laws and simply become mere advice or suggestions. Or they become tools enforced to be used to bring people under their control. Those laws are used against those citizens who actually pay attention to what is happening in the nation. Often the laws they make are just a form of manipulation to bring the masses under subjection rather than actually being for the good of the people and the nation.

The leaders and educators have perpetuated the foolish notion of “political correctness” that attempts to tell us that we can not say what we really think and redefines words away from their original meaning, creating a smoke screen and vagueness in our communication. It is no wonder we have muddled minds and the dumbing down of the populace.

Will, or can, our nation survive in this onslaught of attacks to remove morals and the strength that a moral code brings with it?  We may well see in the near future as continued, relentless attacks beat down on the fiber of our nation. The gay marriage issue being the most recent attack. Will it stop, or what will be their next attack against the nations foundation?

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