Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD | Psychology Today

24 Jul

It looks like the French have it right for once! (Well, more than once.)
But they sure have pegged it correctly about ADHD and the subtitle of this article is also correct: suffer the little children…
Children in our nation are suffering from being misdiagnosed with ADHD, making it a pure physical cause, rather than social, stress, and family related issues. It really is time to free our children from the yoke of bondage put on them by our society and its psychologists/psychiatrists/doctors.
The children of America are suffering under misdiagnosis, it appears and are being bottle fed – all the milk bottle or a formula bottle, but a pill bottle!
Read this very enlightening article and then spread it around to free our mislabeling children as well as our nation.

Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD | Psychology Today.

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