21 Mar

Putin is the new Adolf Hitler. Compare the mindset all of the USA then and now. Obama is not mentally/ideologically equipped to deal with this situation. A failure to pay attention to history could doom us to repeat this same situation again, but with worse results, due to nuclear weapons and the fact of Al Qaeda having excessive vengeance towards the United States. We are standing at a precipice in time where our nation could stand or fall.

With Iran gaining nuclear power and its threat towards Israel, it could become the major player in the Mideast, you 19 the causes of Russia and Iran in world domination.

Our nation is at war weary and fiscally broke making us very weak. However, at this time we must pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and have great results to not allow these despotic nations to have their will done at any moment. We must renew our mind and our sense of moral values and a faith in God to withstand these evils.


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