It’s total chaos on southern border | DML Daily

07 Jun

The Feds are illegally DUMPING illegal aliens in states (NY, AZ, MD, etc., not Area 51). The Federal Government is responsible to set up camps in their own areas such as military bases, Federal prisons, etc. where it is under their control instead of foisting their problems upon states which must bear the burden causing great financial stress upon those citizens and state governments. Furthermore they did it without informing the state governments! This is again, GOVERNMENT OVER REACH.

It is time for the states to speak out and stand their ground! Enough of pussyfooting around while the federal government drops their heavy foot on the financial necks of state sovereignty. Obama’s criminal overreach is similar to that of despotic dictators such as we have not seen since World War II. He speaks out against such things in his D-Day speech yet use the same policies and manners to squelch freedom in the United States of America. He is definitely a fulfilling the “dreams of his mother.”

YES, that’s right, the dreams of his mother. She was anti-American in her feelings and she supported communism as a way of life and politics. Do you think this mother would not have tried to teach her values to her son? Of course she would have. And then her son took lessons from the corrupt political leaders in Chicago. And now he brings the compilation of these views to the presidency of the United States, where he practices them voraciously. He uses the power of the presidency and the federal government to trample upon the states and their rights given to them by the U.S. Constitution. The pitiful thing is that there are few in Congress who are willing to stand up against this tyranny.

It’s total chaos on southern border | DML Daily.

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