Mad World News: 22 Jihad Training Camps in the US – FBI Refuses to Take Action

04 Aug

How can our government not protect its citizens by dealing strongly and swiftly with these 22 jihadist sites on the continental United States? It seems ludicrous to me to allow them to continue. They could use the army to move in and deal with these groups arresting them for the ill legal proceedings that are taking place on their properties, including felons with weapons and illegal guns and many other things described within this article.

I believe our government needs to take steps to protect us, not later, but now. This is the role sworn to by our President and Congressman. Are they not taking their role seriously? The FBI knows of these groups, Homeland Security knows of these groups, but Homeland Security has not listed. These groups as terrorist organizations, yet, these groups have openly stated their objectives as terrorists and as jihadist. What has gone wrong with our government, with Homeland Security?

Please read the following article very carefully and to the end. The following three paragraphs are excerpts from the article.

“I guess they have got their hands. I with this new definition, all of “Right-Wing Extremists” that they are hunting down as potential terrorists. There is no time to go after the actual terrorist network, right here in the United States.

A trained veteran waiting for the VA is treated more dangerous than this compound. Even though there are detailed murderers, terrorists plots, illegal weapons, felons with weapons, jihad training on film, boasting of terror, and even drug smuggling. To prosecute would be Islamaphobic, right?

It is Islamaphobic when they’re really trying to kill you.”

Mad World News22 Jihad Training Camps in the US – FBI Refuses to Take Action.

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