Hamas Tells the Truth about Itself

10 Aug

This is an article that Nancy Pelosi needs to read. Apart from Nancy Pelosi being dumb as a cup, she also showed how slanted she is by quoting from Hamas leaders in Qatar, RATHER THAN the United States proclamations from the Department of State that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Nancy Pelosi intentionally set out to deceive and to slant THE FACTS rather than speak the truth to the American people! Does this give you a clue to the mindset of Nancy Pelosi and perhaps other liberals and Democrats?

This article quotes from Hamas’s own literature that was captured in one of the tunnels! Please read this and share it as far and wide as you can. Thank you, the truth needs to get out. Send it to all the liberal media that you know, perhaps it can remove the cloud over their mind and the veil from their eyes. send it to your Congressman and Senators also.

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