We Now Have Scientific Proof That People Are Getting Dumber

25 Aug

WOW! We have suspected this to be true as we watch some of the interviews run by Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Jesse Watters on “Watters World” and on and on. What?! And now we have scientific proof of this?! What a shame. But that gives us understanding of how Barack Hussein Obama got elected as president of the United States two times in a row. This really defines the times as “Dumb and Dumber”, but the sad part is that science bears this out. (I am wondering if I should put a series of sad faces in these parentheses.) <– Apparently I decided against it.

I strongly encourage reading this article because we need to do something about this. We need to change our educational system and rerouted to a more conservative form of education. It seems the liberal perspective is just making people dumber and dumber and dumber. Whatever happened to educating our students on the true American history and values. I remember growing up with these. I remember it, creating a hunger to study more in depth about the history of our nation. Both the pros and the cons (the liberals are sure giving us the cons as they come on our children.) It's time to get rid of the teachers union, tenure and outcome based education – DEFINITELY, We don't need Common Core, also called COMMON CORRUPTION!

We Now Have Scientific Proof That People Are Getting Dumber.

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