California Indian Tribe Backs School’s ‘Redskins’ Mascot

05 Oct

Being part Native American, albeit a small part, nevertheless, I’m proud of my heritage, . I find it not a bit offensive to Use the term “Redskins”. As you can see from this article on not alone and in fact in the research that I’ve done over 90 percent of the Native Americans find no problem with the use of the term Redskins, rather, we find it very empowering and giving recognition to “a certain group of people of color” who often lack of recognition. Neither do terms such as “Braves” or “Warriors” or the tomahawk chop, Etc. cause any feeling of negativity toward Native Americans as a people group.

It seems to be that it’s only a small group of malignant, whimpering malcontents who want their 15 minutes of fame that raise their voices to cause problems. It is also spurred on by many on the liberal side who are “PC” that are never satisfied. Even when you give them what they asked for, they will then turn and try to find other things to complain about.

Therefore, I’m very happy – even excited – to see an article such as this and a group of people who are Native Americans and proud of their heritage, raising their voice  in proud defense of the term “Redskins.” Read the article and I’m sure you will get a much better perspective than you normally here from the muddied media manipulators.

An Indian tribe in California supports a local school’s use of the “Redskins” mascot that California legislators want to ban.

Source: California Indian Tribe Backs School’s ‘Redskins’ Mascot

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