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Tempe housing complex for deaf under fire

It is time that the government and specifically, HUD, be brought under control. They are discriminating against the Deaf in America, especially in Arizona, but affecting Deaf from many states who want to live in a Deaf community. It is being called REVERSE DISCRIMINATION.

Deaf have a very UNIQUE situation and it does not fit the other situations experienced by all disabled. The problem is a communications problem and their only and unique means to be able to relate. to the Deaf it would be the same as saying they cannot have their unique schools!

We need to see an outcry from all who want to see the Deaf receive fair and just treatment for their unique needs. HUD needs to drop their intended law suit.

Tempe housing complex for deaf under fire.

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It’s Not Just About Knowing Signs

Here is some great information for those who are interested in American Sign Language and/or relating to the Deaf community.

It’s Not Just About Knowing Signs.

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To Make Hearing Aids Affordable, Firm Turns On Bluetooth : Health News

Bluetooth makes hearing aids cheaper and more available for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. It can be mailed to you, and you can program it with an Android phone. It will be “decent” hearing but never as good as the top hearing aids. “But it is better than nothing,” says Frank land, a professor of public health and air surgeon at John Hopkins University in Baltimore. Sound World Solutions says this will be much more affordable for poor people around the world. The prototype cost around $300.

To Make Hearing Aids Affordable, Firm Turns On Bluetooth : Shots – Health News : NPR.

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The people, the land and its glories – Magazine –

This is a great story about a country in Africa, Kenya. I have recently come in contact with a man from their has a great heart to see the people of his nation changed. He struggles with abuse he has received, as well as some of his countrymen. This man is a Christian pastor. This article is not about that. I like the article because it shares a lot of positive things about Kenya. The man I know is trying to change the face of his nation and how people treat other people. He works with the deaf and hearing people and because his heart is large, he has reached out to the many orphans in his area. I encourage you to read this article, but understand there are many needs in that nation that need to be addressed. Perhaps you’ll research those needs as well and find a way to become involved in touching the lives and hearts of the people of that nation.
The people, the land and its glories – Magazine –

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Deaf People Can’t Get Jobs: Americans with Disabilities Act

The ADA (AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT) has been seen to have some negative effects for the Deaf people in these troubled times when it comes to them finding a job that pays them well enough to live on. Though the ADA has some very positive benefits in other situations, and the job market, many Deaf people find it causes problems for them.

While we don’t need more people becoming dependent upon the government–becoming part of the nanny state–our government needs to understand the plight of Deaf people and see if there are more constructive things they can do that will give equal footing to Deaf people when competing for jobs with the hearing people. While the following article ask questions, it does not provide answers. Perhaps as you read this article you may have some positive suggestions that can be used to help those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to find quality jobs.

Deaf People Can’t Get Jobs: Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Deaf News Today: The Real Sounds Of Hearing Loss

To give hearing people a sample of how distorted hearing loss can can be, a hearing and speech researcher created several audio clips using the same spoken sentence, distorted in a different way.

Deaf News Today: The Real Sounds Of Hearing Loss.

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CRPD – A bad disabled-rights treaty with the UN | The Daily Caller

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,

Here is excerpt from the article that shows what is wrong with this treaty as the WOLVES try to pull the wool over our eyes.

Anyone who claims the CRPD merely codifies existing U.S. disabled-rights law, as distinct from prescribing major new extensions of it, cannot have read its text with care. Beyond that, the treaty would if taken seriously bid to wrest from the control of elected U.S. lawmakers the future course of many important domestic policy issues, from the structuring of Social Security disability benefits to the question of whether prospective law and medical students should have a right to extra time in taking exams to accommodate their learning disabilities. When it’s pointed out that the convention by its own text requires radical revamping of many existing policies, advocates respond with the peculiar argument that, after all, we shouldn’t take its provisions all that seriously; other ratifying countries are already blithely ignoring their obligations under it, and the United States will be free to do so too, especially as the mechanisms for enforcing it are (for the moment) fairly toothless. It is at best a cynical argument that deserves senators’ rejection.

The convention consists of a preamble and 50 (!) articles. Under Article 4 (1)(b), ratifying states pledge to “take all appropriate measures, including legislation, to modify or abolish existing laws, regulations, customs and practices that constitute discrimination against persons with disabilities,” and under 4 (1)(d), to “refrain from engaging in any act or practice that is inconsistent” with the convention. Who gets to define whether an existing law, regulation, custom, or practice “constitute[s] discrimination against” the deaf, blind, epileptic, diabetic, or paraplegic? Or — to name a few of the other groups currently deemed disabled — persons afflicted with psychosis, cancer, emotional dysfunction, narcolepsy, learning disability, past alcohol or drug abuse if in rehab, or serious contagious disease? Your guess is as good as the Post editorialists’, except that they seem to have spent no time guessing or so much as thinking about the matter.

Will states and localities have to change their laws, or just the federal government? Glad you asked: Article 4, Section 5 says “The provisions of the present Convention shall extend to all parts of federal states without any limitations or exceptions.”

via A bad disabled-rights treaty | The Daily Caller.

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FINALLY, two lame-stream medias are reporting on the attack in Libya and getting it right.  ABC and NBC – but NBC only has it half right.  They are reporting that within 24 hours our government knew it was a terrorist attack on our embassy by an Al Qaeda related group.  Ambassador Rice, ambassador to UN, lied to five different news organizations and to the UN regarding this. Now the Obama administration is scrambling to shred information about their cover up.  Some are calling for the head of Ambassador Rice to roll.

Finally the Obama administration is admitting that it is not a result of the movie trailer on YouTube that incited this riot.  It was a well planned and orchestrated attack on our embassy.  But why the cover up?  And why does Obama himself keep going back to blame the movie trailer, when the government has already admitted that attack had nothing to do with the movie trailer?  Many suspect that the reason Obama is continuing to blame “the movie trailer” is because he can’t admit to failed foreign policies because of his presidential run – for fear his presidential campaign would be hurt.

If his policies are so great, why is the whole Mideast in such an uproar and burning American flags trashing, burning and looting our embassies?  All the while, Sudan refuses to allow American troops to protect our embassy in their nation!  Is this the result of “successful foreign policies?”

It is time for many to rethink their plan to vote for Obama for four more years.  If we allow him four more years we may well have an Armageddon on our hands.

Having ears to hear they do not hear…

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AT&T’s FaceTime Blocking Hurts the Deaf | Threat Level |

Many deaf have changed to  FaceTime  because of the convenience it provides.  However with AT&T’s blocking it is caused some additional problems for the deaf.

“FaceTime’s Wi-Fi limitation has been its only inconvenience, and has led to many missed calls. This is why I personally found AT&T’s assertion that net neutrality rules don’t prevent it from blocking “preloaded” apps like FaceTime so disappointing, and its boasting that it won’t block FaceTime over Wi-Fi so frustrating.

Even if AT&T ultimately decides not to block FaceTime for deaf users on its TAP plan, the company’s plans will still hurt deaf and hard-of-hearing customers. Why? Because the company will still block mobile FaceTime for the people we talk to — our friends and family members who are iPhone users and know ASL, but who are not deaf themselves and thus do not qualify for the TAP plan. The point of having a mobile phone is the ability to be in touch anytime, anywhere — not to have to plan ahead and hope Wi-Fi is available wherever we land.

The bottom line is that data is data. Whatever we pay for, we should be able to use. AT&T needs to rethink this terribly misguided plan and its impact on the deaf and hard of hearing”. – Quoted from the article , read the article for more information.

via AT&T’s FaceTime Blocking Hurts the Deaf | Threat Level |

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2012 World Deaf Athletics Championships, Toronto, CAN | News Broadcasting in Sign Language by H3

This is an exciting article regarding what was once called “Deaf Olympics.” I recall in 1997 going to Denmark for the Deaf Olympics. That was an awesome experience!

It was an opportunity to see many young Deaf people competing in sports at world-class levels. This definitely enforce the concept that, “Deaf can do it.” Later, we saw some of those same Deaf people come to participate in the International Olympic Games. It was wonderful to see the openings made for the Deaf to compete among the hearing in the Olympic Games, with several winning gold medals.

The World Deaf Athletic Championships, taking place in Toronto, Canada this year, is a wonderful place for those who are deaf to show their athletic prowess and even be a preparation for competing in the Olympics among hearing.

Having personally been able to attend once in 1997, I would encourage any Deaf who can possibly go to make it a priority,putting it in their schedule for July 14 – 21, 2012! You will not be said you did!

2012 World Deaf Athletics Championships, CAN | News Broadcasting in Sign Language by H3.

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