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Why Is Party Of Limited Government Pushing A Gas-Tax Hike? –


Here, the USA is finally getting a reprieve from the high gasoline prices and the first thing that happens is the government wants to put a taxon gasoline to scoop up that money for themselves. What will happen when the price goes up on the barrel of oil? Can’t government think FOR the people?

What is worse, is that we, the people, have just voted in many Republicans who ran as conservatives wanting smaller government, less taxes and to turn the government that to the states. Now, the same people that ran as conservatives are flip-flopping there saying they’re willing to increase the gas tax on their constituents! This is exactly opposite of what they ran on!

Where are the men of integrity? Where are the men of honor? “For Speaker Boehner is an honorable man; So are they all, all honorable men”

Why Is Party Of Limited Government Pushing A Gas-Tax Hike? –

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Here’s Why Liberal Talk About Income Inequality Is Just Talk: How Their Obsession Is Only Used For Show –

The liberals who espouse taking from the rich and giving to the poor are just a big bag of hot air. Could this be the cause of Global Warming? They say take from the rich and give to the poor, but, do they really mean it? Are they really opposed to the free market system? It is the free market system that gave them their wealth.

What do they do with their wealth? Do they divide it up among those poor less fortunate than they? I haven’t seen it, if they do. Where in all the records does it show the Barack Obama has given his millions to the poor, even poor minorities? He has made millions on his books. He is much richer now than when he became President, at least four times richer. Nancy Pelosi who is multi-millionaire which was made through insider trading, which, by the way, is legal for members of congress, but not legal for the rest of Americans who are much poorer than most of those in congress.

The point is if they really believed what they say, would be moved in their heart to give, give, give to the poor and desolate. But they don’t. They only want to give your money to the poor masses. They want you to become poorer while they keep their wealth which will establish a greater gulf between them and the rest of the people, allowing them to become even richer.

Do you see the hypocrisy? They spin their web to trap the uninformed voters and those who do not think for themselves to keep them in power so they can continue to make millions while attempting to look good and benevolent in the sight of those who do not have, setting up a great gulf between the rich and the poor. Today, since Obama has come into office, there is a greater disparity between the rich and the poor. He has done nothing to help the poor raise themselves out of their environment. In fact, there has been a drop in the income levels of the middle class while and increase in the income of the richest. They only want to “look good.”

Read this following article for more insight into this situation…

Here’s Why Liberal Talk About Income Inequality Is Just Talk: How Their Obsession Is Only Used For Show –

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We need the Republicans to defund Obamacare in every avenue possible. This bad legislative move to have such a poorly written and unthought out bill called “Obamacare” is the greatest nightmare our nation has experienced in years, adding debt upon debt to our children and grandchildren for the future must be brought to a halt as immediately as possible. Disallow the funding of Obamacare.

We need our military to be fully funded and our national defense to become stronger, not weaker. Do not allow this liberal government to weaken our nation. We have been the stabilizing force throughout the world because we were strong. While our nation still uses horses and bayonets we also need to advance scientifically and technologically. For this we need to have the financial structure there to support this work in research and development and production.

Many of us are not happy about the way the TEA Party was disregarded in the GOP’s national convention. This fact alone reduce the amount of people who would vote for Romney as president, where he failed to bring out the GOP voters and independents. The malignant attitude of trashing the TEA Party must be removed surgically so the GOP party can live and be an effective tool against the culture of corruption that pervades the current administration. By showing respect to those members of the TEA Party who represent many of “we the people” we will be able to go forward with a united party. The antithesis of that is a divided party, and divided we will fall.

It is incumbent upon the GOP leadership to stand firm on principles that we espouse and not to compromise, not to reword so as to try to fool the Republican electorate. We must therefore speak clearly and precisely what we mean. When we say we do not want to raise taxes we are not expecting the Republican leadership to get around that by eliminating tax deductions. That is, Mr. Boehner, raising taxes. We do need a complete tax overhaul that is true. We need simplified forms, less red tape and clear instructions. We do not want taxes raised or tax deductions limited on job producers, but, what we want is reduced spending, reduced spending, reduced spending, reduced spending, more accountability in what we do spend to make sure there is the elimination of spending waste and fraud. We do want oversight of bids for government contracts. We do want smaller more efficient government and power return to the states which can manage the money more efficiently according to their areas of needs. We know that local government and local spending and accountability is far more effective than trying to manage the money at a distance. We do need to cut the pork, cut the pork, cut the pork from legislation and spending!

We, the American people, do want integrity, honesty, true transparency and clear communication from our political representatives. We believe character is a premium and we expect that to be upheld. A deviation or variation from ethics or stated principles that we hold to as Republicans, as a right of center independents will not and should not be tolerated by our representatives. We do not want Holder-like cover ups or lack of cooperation or lack of transparency to be tolerated and that kind of behavior must be investigated with hearings held and managed in an expeditious manner for the sake of the people and our nation.

We, therefore, call for a government of the people by the people and for the people.

[This letter was sent directly to Speaker Boehner]


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Hear the Sucking Sound of Jobs Being Flushed Down the Toilet

Millions of layoffs coming as a result of Obamacare.  Businesses are doing this as a matter of survival. It is cheaper for them to pay the $2000 fine than to add health care for their employees.  This is unintended consequences of the law. Applebee’s, Papa John’s, and myriads of other businesses are having to lay people off.

It is also an unintended result of the election, unless both Democrats and Republicans call for the repeal of Obamacare.  I doubt that it will happen.  But this is the result of the great Job Creator.” With 23 million people already out of work or underemployed things will not get better. Those who are working part-time will continue to work part-time and many more workers will be reduced from 40 hour workweek to a part-time position.

All those people who wanted to freebies from the government are going to find out there are fewer people to pay taxes, and therefore the freebies they want are not going to be able to be given to them as freely as they had hoped.  Actually, the entitlements are going to be less available then more available and people will notice this when they want to go to a doctor or need special care.

Is there any place for blame?  I believe it rests on those who voted for Obama – the 50% – they wanted everything given to them and were willing to make tough choices. now those tough choices are forced upon them after bringing our nation to its knees economically and as a world power unless changes are quickly made in Congress. if we don’t see the TEA party get revived and the conservatives elected it can only become worse.

We must be about saving our nation and returning it to his strong foundational principles that allowed us to grow in 200 years to be the strongest country in the world. let’s stop being a bastion for beggars and be committed to individuality, fiscal responsibility, responsible citizens and a people of integrity – all this has been lost in the l decade.

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#Pakistan acts more like an enemy than an Ally

Our Congress needs to remove Pakistan from the public doles. We need to force them to make a decision “friend or foe.”  If they are not our friend and steadfastly that, then we need to treat them like an enemy. Up to now the y have shown themselves an enemy iin the Middle East. Alright, Congress, take away their foreign aide! If not it is aiding and abetting the enemy and we want to haul your bunns off to jail! Whatever happened with calling a spade a spade?

#Pakistan acts more like an enemy than an ally. It is time to defund them and give it to India. @SpeakerBoehner @SenJonKyl @SenJohnMcCain


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Why have not our legislators spoken out at least or better done something to stop the new regulation that forbids the use of coal to power our electric power plants? In Tucson we have an electric power plant that runs on coal,and produces electricity without hampering our atmosphere. There is no visible smoke.

When coal power plants stop producing electric for our nation is estimated that electric bills will go up 8 times more than current cost. Many of us on limited incomes will not be able to afford this increase! We will not be able to afford heat in the winter, nor cooling in the summer.

Even the GM “Volt” will not be affordabley be driven. It will cost more to produce the electric to charge the batteries than it will to buy a gallon of gas! This will invalidate all the stimulous money that has been poured into General Motors to create this new “Wonder car.”

This is an absolutely, totally, unnecessary restriction on our electric producing plants.  It will destroy the coal industry. We have tons of coal that will last us for hundreds of years. Why throw it away?  This regulation will also cost us thousands of jobs directly and indirectly many more thousands of jobs. Our nation is in no way ready to make this step. It is a foolhardy regulation foisted upon us by the Democratic hierarchy and “His Lordship” Barack Obama.

It is time now to speak out against this regulation and bring a stop to it. We do not want to wait till we are up against the deadline to cry out against this rule that is designed to hurt our nation, its people and cripple our National Security. We have to do something, and begin doing it now. Let us think ahead, let us plan ahead and bring a halt to this foolish regulation placed upon us and our power plants by the Obama administration.

Raise your voice, contact your legislators, both state and national and bring a complaint regarding this regulation. If we do not do this it will cause greater problems in the job losses and bring about another double dip recession. Let us save our nation from such a catastrophe. We need to allow the coal companies to produce coal and our electric companies to produce electricity by using that coal. It is a very low-cost fuel and low impact on our environment.

I encourage you to act now before it is too late!


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Welcome to “From the Vest Pocket…speaking from the heart.”  Our goal is to challenge liberal thinking and promote thinking, conservative thinking. We uncover many items that otherwise are missed or we show where propaganda is exactly that and not the TRUTH.

We definately do not follow nor agree with being “Politically Correct” – that is a way the left uses to manipulate people, their words, and their thoughts. So while we do not hold to the belief that we must be “PC” we do believe that we must be “C” and endeavor to do that in all that we say and do.

We encourage people you know to follow us on this blog and you can follw us on Twitter at @DeafRanger and on Facebook at

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Obama War On Farms – 4-H – FFA – Farming – Child Labor Laws – Department of Labor – The Daily Caller

Our government can not keep its nose out of other people’s business! I remember growing up in a small town and I helped out on the farm up the road. It was one of the best experiences where I learned a lot of work ethics and also gave me a strong body by doing the hard work.

Now we have the government not allowing kids to do farm chores! WHAT! This is meddling! Why is Obama’s Administration horning in on this area of child growth and training. It was also one of the first jobs a kid like me could get in a rural community. I suppose Obama would want to tax my income even though it never reached the $600 limit per year at the time. He would want me to pay my “fair share.”

The new rule proposed in August 2011 would limit children under 18 from working “in the storing, marketing and transporting of farm product raw materials.” Could this refer to cow or horse manure? Or would it mean they can not clean the barn? Feeding horses oats or hay could be limited to allowing only adults can do it? Can children brush the horses? Can the the farmer’s children help put up hay or drive a tractor? It has not hurt those of us who were privileged to work on a farm while growing up and it has been that way for thousands of years!
Other “Prohibited places of employment,” a Department press release read, “would include country grain elevators, grain bins, silos, feed lots, stockyards, livestock exchanges and livestock auctions.”

Good night what are family businesses to do? So is the Obama administration for or against the middle class? Obviously they are taking aim against the family and their businesses. These are middle class families!

This rule would stop FFA and 4-H from doing safety training and certification forcing the use of a 90-hour federal government training course.


Child Labor Laws | Farming | Department of Labor | The Daily Caller.

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Obama’s Lower Taxes Will Slow Economic Growth: CBO

Obama says his budget will help, but the facts are that it will ruin the economic situation of the USA. OBAMA LIED AGAIN. He is a habitual liar.  We can’t believe a thing he says. Haven’t we had enough?’

Obama’s Lower Taxes Will Slow Economic Growth: CBO.

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House Shrugs Off White House Veto Threat, Votes to Require Approval of Keystone XL Energy Pipeline

AGAIN, HIS ROYAL HONOR JOB PROVIDER OBAMA, nixes the Keystone pipeline, or threatens to veto it.  What?  Unbelievable! Where is his heart for the middle class? Where is is heart for the worker? Where is his heart to get people off of unemployment? WHERE IS HIS HEART?

he is toying with the hearts of America.  He is toying with the hearts of the citizens.  He really has no heart for the people he only has a heart for his political agenda and he doesn’t give a crap about the people.  Have you ever seen a Royal sovereign with an attitude like this?  Only back with King George in the 1770s.  He had no heart for the people he only wanted their taxes and was concerned about what they can do for him.

It’s time we throw his TEA overboard – because we are Taxed Enough Already.  And were Tired Enough Already.  And we are Tricked Enough Already.  It’s time we Tell’im – Enough Already!

It’s time to end the vacations, the golfing, the basketball and get to work and the same goes for Harry Reid and the Progressives in the Senate!


Get to work and let us get to work approve the Keystone pipeline!


House Shrugs Off White House Veto Threat, Votes to Require Approval of Keystone XL Energy Pipeline | Speaker of the House John Boehner |

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