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Sharon DiVincent I FOUND this…it is FROM A UNKOWN MOTHER Of A SOLDIER ( Not me) MUST READ!..Please Read and pass it on!

To the Muslim Gold Star father that spoke at the DNC…..I have some thoughts on your comments. I am a Blue Star mother. My deepest condolences on the loss of your son. No family should have to endure such a loss. That being said….while your son is a hero, you Sir, are NOT. My son has served three tours of combat in the countries you and your family came from. Iraq and Afghanistan were his introduction to adulthood and service to something bigger than our individual selves. He was blown up by an IED set by your countrymen. His Purple Heart is a testament to his love of America and our freedoms. I have suffered through his multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan….never knowing from moment to moment if he would return home in a flag draped coffin. It is torture when a mother wakes up to this day after day and sees the atrocities happening over there on the news and being helpless to change a thing. My comments to you will probably offend you. I do not apologize. These things need to be said. Unlike you, I could NEVER use my son’s death as a pawn piece in support of a woman that left “America’s treasure” (Hillarys words) to die unaided in Benghazi. The same woman that says vile things to her military details there to protect her. You, Sir, are supposed to be a witness to your son’s bravery and sacrifice. Instead you stood on a stage and promoted the woman that upholds the very people that killed your son. You became a political PAWN that promotes pandering to our enemy. You desecrated your son’s memory by your words. You did not utter one word of outrage at anyone but Donald Trump. Are you forgetting that Trump did not kill your son. He had nothing whatsoever to do with these wars. His memory should mean more to you than five minutes of fame on the stage of the party that voted to send your son to war. The same party that for eight years has denied and cheated our veterans out of their deserved medical care. Who for the last three years has cut our veterans pay.

Of note…your wife stood SILENT. She stood with her head covered, never uttering a word about her loss. She submitted to you being her voice in front of the country. She abdicated her free voice to you… would any good Sharia wife and mother. Let me say, this was not lost on the other American military moms….myself included. Had it been my son being “used” as a political PROP, no one could have silenced me. I would be voicing my grief, my pride, my love of him to the world. A man cannot speak to a mothers loss. No man knows her heart at the loss of a child. She did her heroic son a disservice by her silence. She should have uncovered her head and her heart to be the American mother you claim. And last if all….you dared to flash your picket Constitution and ask if Trump has read it. I dare to ask you, Sir….HAVE YOU READ IT? If you say yes, then I dare ask you HOW you could represent that party? HOW can you support this woman? How can you affiliate your family with a party and candidate that cannot even call the radicals that killed your son what they are? How can you support a current administration that diminishes your son’s death by denying he had an enemy? And if you have read our Constitution, how could you cover your soulmate in colorful submissive sheets and have the audacity to speak FOR her? Your son died for that Constitution you so carelessly waved around on national TV in support of the very party that exists to destroy it. As a soldier’s mother….NO ONE could ever speak for me. I find your outrage artificial. I find your party affiliation offensive. I find your wife’s silence atrocious and offensive. I find YOU a political FOOL. I find your son to have been your greatest accomplishment, and you, Sir, have dishonored him. I hope you memorize that picket constitution so you will understand what it means to be a REAL American and hero. You are not one. You were USED. Your son WOULD NOT be proud of you. My only hope is that when MY son goes a fourth time to combat radical Islamic terrorist’s, ( and he WILL) he will know that his mother never stood submissively SILENT about an American hero. Yes, your son was a hero that could not be manipulated but, you, Sir, are a weak minded FOOL. I would love to hear your thoughts this morning about the 1500 American soldiers on the air base in Turkey being held as basic hostages as I type. Not a word from this president or party you adore…or the media that so thoroughly manipulated and used you and your wife. So…what say you Sir??? What will you say to a Blue and Gold Star family if these heroes die? In my opinion, you will say NOTHING.


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Kenyan Politician Just Made A MAJOR Threat To Obama Ahead Of His Big Visit

Africans do not want to hear any of Obama’s humanistic garbage and are not about to put up with him trying to spread it in their nation. They will tell him to “shut up and go home” if he starts any of that dribble! They do not want their nation getting sucked down the… Do you hear that wooshing sound? That is the sound heard when Obama starts talking his trash. Old homeboy is being put on notice BEFORE he comes to that nation to visit.

At least this nation knows things that can set America on the right path – IF we were humble enough to hear it! We applaud Kenya! They are smarter than POTUS and SCOTUS put together! Yes, I just said that NSA!

Kenyan Politician Just Made A MAJOR Threat To Obama Ahead Of His Big Visit.

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China Makes Major Moves To Ban Islam

China recognizes the danger and oppressiveness of Islam. China has this right. They’re not afraid of being politically correct and are fully cognizant of the dangers of Islam. Perhaps the United States would be advised to wake up and learned some new lessons from one of their adversaries. China is not allowing people in who will destroy their nation. We need to be careful in the United States not to allow the freedom of stupidity. Keep your eyes on China in regards to Islam…

China Makes Major Moves To Ban Islam.

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Mad World News: 22 Jihad Training Camps in the US – FBI Refuses to Take Action

How can our government not protect its citizens by dealing strongly and swiftly with these 22 jihadist sites on the continental United States? It seems ludicrous to me to allow them to continue. They could use the army to move in and deal with these groups arresting them for the ill legal proceedings that are taking place on their properties, including felons with weapons and illegal guns and many other things described within this article.

I believe our government needs to take steps to protect us, not later, but now. This is the role sworn to by our President and Congressman. Are they not taking their role seriously? The FBI knows of these groups, Homeland Security knows of these groups, but Homeland Security has not listed. These groups as terrorist organizations, yet, these groups have openly stated their objectives as terrorists and as jihadist. What has gone wrong with our government, with Homeland Security?

Please read the following article very carefully and to the end. The following three paragraphs are excerpts from the article.

“I guess they have got their hands. I with this new definition, all of “Right-Wing Extremists” that they are hunting down as potential terrorists. There is no time to go after the actual terrorist network, right here in the United States.

A trained veteran waiting for the VA is treated more dangerous than this compound. Even though there are detailed murderers, terrorists plots, illegal weapons, felons with weapons, jihad training on film, boasting of terror, and even drug smuggling. To prosecute would be Islamaphobic, right?

It is Islamaphobic when they’re really trying to kill you.”

Mad World News22 Jihad Training Camps in the US – FBI Refuses to Take Action.

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Christians: The Pathetically Shameful Silent Majority

I can not add much to this article. Read it. Then get off your couch… Remember, silence is often not golden, it is just plain yellow.

Christians: The Pathetically Shameful Silent Majority.

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*Because Israel refused to stand for righteousness in Jesus’ time their nation was taken from them and destroyed. Do not think it won’t happen again if we refuse to stand and vocalize the need for righteousness and justice in our nation.

*We do not need cowering Christians. We, in America have been granted the right by God and Constitution to speak out what is right and what is wrong in our nation. I really appreciate those Christian-Conservative-Americans who are not afraid to stand for their values as Christians AND being Conservative-Americans and are unwilling to be marginalized and silenced by those who claim to be “their friends” on the left who are intolerant while clamoring for tolerance and wanting their “friends” to shut up about what IS right and has Biblical foundations.

*HE HAS SHOWN YOU O MAN WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE OF YOU, BUT TO DO JUSTLY, LOVE MERCY AND WALK HUMBLY WITH YOUR GOD -MICAH 6:8. Do not think you can do justly and love mercy without standing up for it before the foes of God who want to destroy this nation He has given us.


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Don’t let the progressive left marginalize you. Don’t allow them to intimidate you and make you fearful of speaking out. Will you allow fear of “offending” your liberal friends prohibit you from speaking and standing for righteousness? I know one lady pastor who has done this already. It saddens me.

The Bible says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the RIGHTEOUS do?” The apostle Paul gives us the answer, Ephesians 6:13–18 “13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and AFTER YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING, TO STAND. 14 STAND FIRM then, with the BELT OF TRUTH buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness THAT COMES FROM THE GOSPEL OF PEACE. 16 In addition to all this, take up the SHIELD OF FAITH, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD.

18 AND PRAY IN THE SPIRIT on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and ALWAYS KEEP ON PRAYING FOR ALL THE LORD’S PEOPLE.

WE ARE TO BE MIGHTY SOLDIERS, DRESSED FOR BATTLE! He tells us to stand firm – we are not to have a wimpy Christianity; wearing the BELT OF TRUTH – Jesus spoke truth based on principles, godly principles and not all were in the Old Testament; preparing our feet with a “GOSPEL OF PEACE” – Peace, not pacifism [pacifism does not bring peace, but turmoil]; having a SWORD OF THE SPIRIT – which is the WORD OF GOD – which embodies principles that were Republic was founded upon – LIFE, LIBERTY, THE DIGNITY OF ALL MEN, poor or rich, delivering the Word of God, so that people UNDERSTAND AND EXPERIENCE real freedom – these principles have brought the Western world into the state of freedom, liberty and prosperity which we now experience so that we, through OUR OWN VOLITION, not a government mandate, can bless the rest of the world and promote their dignity, their salvation, their freedom from tyrannical oppression and enslavement which all the satanic hordes would put on people.

We are to put on THE HELMET OF SALVATION, which is a proper understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom – “may his kingdom, and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Is that happening? Are we being the salt of the earth? Or are we the salt that has lost its savor? Lost its power to preserve? Lost its power to flavor our society, our culture? It is not supposed to be limited to only one area of life, but is to be all inclusive.

We are commanded, exhorted, to pray in the Spirit on all occasions – with all kinds of prayers and requests, keeping in mind TO BE ALERT praying especially for ALL THE LORD’S PEOPLE. Are we praying, “ALL KINDS OF PRAYERS AND REQUESTS?” And… Are we praying for ALL THE LORD’S PEOPLE? Those alive now and those to come, those to be won through evangelism, through our testimonies, through the witness of our lives? ARE WE? Are our lives making a way, the simplest way possible, for people to come into a loving, knowledgeable relationship with Jesus Christ?

“HAVING DONE ALL TO STAND,” are we standing? Are we strong or are we marginalized? Are we BEING a witness? Are we salt with savor?




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Supreme Court hands double win to gay-marriage backers – Washington Times

Supreme Court hands America over to a greater bent toward immorality. Fortunately they did allow those states who have a reasonable sense of morality left to continue. Even nature itself teaches us what is right and proper. Practices of Sodomy are still not accepted as proper in most states. We can be thankful that those states are allowed to continue with their sovereign rights. Will it last?

Our nation seems to be on steep decline and only a return to a righteous standard will keep us from following the path of the Roman world which made civilization move even further west. Such decadence brings a decline in any nation. It does not happen over night and that is fortunate for the USA as it gives an opportunity for the nation to right itself. We can be part of the solution or part of the problem. Of which will you chose to be a part?

Supreme Court hands double win to gay-marriage backers – Washington Times.

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Starbucks Stock Tumbles over Public Outcry

Stock is gradually decreasing as over 90% of Christian patronage agreeing to boycott, similar to the Chick-Fil-A incident but to the opposite point of view and trend.

Summary from other articles:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz dug in his heels about gay marriage after an investor complained that the company’s support was eroding its bottom line.

“If you feel respectfully that you can get a higher return [than] the 38% you got last year, it’s a free country,” said Schultz, during the annual shareholders meeting on March 21. “You could sell your shares at Starbucks and buy shares in other companies.”

Many major companies have publicly taken a stance on gay marriage. Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-Fil-A, announced his opposition to gay marriage last year. Business surged as customers lined up at the fast food chain to show their support, while gay couples staged a “kiss day” in protest.

—- From another article in
Charisma News by Daniel Norris: What the Church Can Learn From Starbucks’ Bold Stance on Gay Marriage

Leaders justify the silence, saying, “This is an issue we have chosen not to focus on.” They remind their members that the church is supposed to be a house full of compassion and that the best way to win is with love.

This is only half true. The church is at its best when it is full of compassion and full of conviction. That is the example Jesus set. He was unconditional in His love, and He was unwavering in his conviction. It was His love that drew the multitudes, and it was His convictions that drove them away. His radical commitment to both changed the world.

There is a cost to doing what is right—especially when the prevailing winds of public opinion are blowing against you. Starbucks has polling data on its side. The church is now finding many of its convictions on the opposite side of that fight. Are we willing to put our money where our mouth is and stand up for what we know is right?

Shultz added if you don’t like their position, then “sell your shares.” He made it clear that Starbucks will not compromise its convictions to keep you in their company. It is time spiritual leaders do the same!

From the Washington Times article by Tim Devaney: Offended by the decision of Starbucks chief Howard Schultz to support gay marriage, a Christian organization is seconding the CEO’s demand that Christian shareholders sell their stock in the ubiquitous coffee chain.   “Christians and pro-family groups across the United States have contributed significantly to the economic success of Starbucks,” said American Family Association President Tim Wildmon in a statement. “However, we can certainly honor Mr. Shultz’s request to take our business elsewhere.”

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Gay Marriage is Not About Gay Marriage

The whole purpose of gays and lesbians wanting to have marriage approved for themselves has nothing to do with the institution of marriage being granted to them or the civil union would be enough. It has to do with the goal of trashing marriage itself and especially as held to by Christianity and other religions. It is to devalue and tear down marriage until it means nothing and to do the same with morals of a culture and to destroy that culture.

Just wait until they run headlong into the Islamic culture, it will be “off with their heads.” That is if God does not bring about a judgement on nations that are fast filling up their “cup of iniquity.”

Daniel Greenfield of the Canada Free Press said, “Every aspect of marriage is deconstructed and then eliminated until it no longer means anything. And once marriage is no longer a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman, but a ceremony with no deeper meaning than most modern ceremonies, then the deconstruction and destruction will be complete.”

We are told in the Bible what the end of time would be like – “…as it was in the days of Noah…” and that bread/wheat  would be sold for a day’s wages. Whoever thought that the famine in the world would be brought on by the financial crisis? Only those who have the wealth would survive and even their wealth would be slipping away. Ah, no wonder there would need to be a different system set up to buy and sell.  Who would have thought we would see NATIONS failing financially? Nations needing a “bail-out.”

The farther we move toward decadence and the nations of the world becoming more and more immoral in their views, the more we see their crumbling structures of civilization. Not so? Just look at what the Romans brought on themselves as a natural law of consequences for their immorality and lust for self-gratification. There was an increase of apathy which can be seen in the quality, or lack of quality, in their workmanship as well as an attitude of apathy within the populace. Do we see that today in our entitlement-minded society?

Will our Supreme Court Justices, headed by Chief Justice John Roberts, continue to fiddle while the country burns and goes up in smoke? Will they help lead us away from the moral basis on which our founders held to, even while some of them were not religious men at all? But they did recognize the need and value of having a society and civilization based on a set of laws which rested on a moral code. Several of our founding fathers even stated that our form of government can not exist apart from the citizens holding to a moral code based upon religious principles.

Today, we see the eroding of those values through our political leaders, the pied pipers, leading us away from the rule of law, all the while creating mountains of laws that they then refuse to enforce, let alone read. Those laws cease to be laws and simply become mere advice or suggestions. Or they become tools enforced to be used to bring people under their control. Those laws are used against those citizens who actually pay attention to what is happening in the nation. Often the laws they make are just a form of manipulation to bring the masses under subjection rather than actually being for the good of the people and the nation.

The leaders and educators have perpetuated the foolish notion of “political correctness” that attempts to tell us that we can not say what we really think and redefines words away from their original meaning, creating a smoke screen and vagueness in our communication. It is no wonder we have muddled minds and the dumbing down of the populace.

Will, or can, our nation survive in this onslaught of attacks to remove morals and the strength that a moral code brings with it?  We may well see in the near future as continued, relentless attacks beat down on the fiber of our nation. The gay marriage issue being the most recent attack. Will it stop, or what will be their next attack against the nations foundation?

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