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Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen | GMO Awareness – Better Read This

Do you think your food is safe? Better read this. Do you microwave in Styrofoam? Better STOP! Do you think the milk you give your baby is safe? You need to check. Those  are a FEW of the things you will read about here. Fresh Fruits and vegetables safe? Think again, and again, and again.

Aspartame (NutraSweet / Equal) (DEATH AND SEZIURES)

Bovine Growth Hormone, rBGH, milk has been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer in humans.

“Terminator Seeds” would force farmers…

More than 85% of the processed food you consume every day has Monsanto’s GMOs inside, and residues of their RoundUp pesticide outside. But it’s not just processed food—fresh fruit and vegetables are next: genetically engineered sweet corn is already being sold at your local grocer, with apples and a host of other “natural” produce currently in field trials.


Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen | GMO Awareness.

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#Pakistan acts more like an enemy than an Ally

Our Congress needs to remove Pakistan from the public doles. We need to force them to make a decision “friend or foe.”  If they are not our friend and steadfastly that, then we need to treat them like an enemy. Up to now the y have shown themselves an enemy iin the Middle East. Alright, Congress, take away their foreign aide! If not it is aiding and abetting the enemy and we want to haul your bunns off to jail! Whatever happened with calling a spade a spade?

#Pakistan acts more like an enemy than an ally. It is time to defund them and give it to India. @SpeakerBoehner @SenJonKyl @SenJohnMcCain


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Why have not our legislators spoken out at least or better done something to stop the new regulation that forbids the use of coal to power our electric power plants? In Tucson we have an electric power plant that runs on coal,and produces electricity without hampering our atmosphere. There is no visible smoke.

When coal power plants stop producing electric for our nation is estimated that electric bills will go up 8 times more than current cost. Many of us on limited incomes will not be able to afford this increase! We will not be able to afford heat in the winter, nor cooling in the summer.

Even the GM “Volt” will not be affordabley be driven. It will cost more to produce the electric to charge the batteries than it will to buy a gallon of gas! This will invalidate all the stimulous money that has been poured into General Motors to create this new “Wonder car.”

This is an absolutely, totally, unnecessary restriction on our electric producing plants.  It will destroy the coal industry. We have tons of coal that will last us for hundreds of years. Why throw it away?  This regulation will also cost us thousands of jobs directly and indirectly many more thousands of jobs. Our nation is in no way ready to make this step. It is a foolhardy regulation foisted upon us by the Democratic hierarchy and “His Lordship” Barack Obama.

It is time now to speak out against this regulation and bring a stop to it. We do not want to wait till we are up against the deadline to cry out against this rule that is designed to hurt our nation, its people and cripple our National Security. We have to do something, and begin doing it now. Let us think ahead, let us plan ahead and bring a halt to this foolish regulation placed upon us and our power plants by the Obama administration.

Raise your voice, contact your legislators, both state and national and bring a complaint regarding this regulation. If we do not do this it will cause greater problems in the job losses and bring about another double dip recession. Let us save our nation from such a catastrophe. We need to allow the coal companies to produce coal and our electric companies to produce electricity by using that coal. It is a very low-cost fuel and low impact on our environment.

I encourage you to act now before it is too late!


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OnStar Patent for Technology Would Use ‘Vehicle Telematics’ to Target Billboard Ads

Soon we will have no peace as we drive across the country and gaze at the beautiful sce . . . What the heck! Billboards that change as we get closer and target YOU! Do you have children in the back seat? Up pops an advertisement for a happy meal or a nearby Toys-R- Us store. Do you smoke? Up pops an ad for cigarettes – your brand. Are you taking a vacation? Now the billboard changes to various places along the way to entice you to stop there to visit and spend your money.

How do they know what you’re doing or where you are going or how to target you? ONSTAR ratted you out! That is right your innocent OnStar has fed that billboard your information from all the things you looked at on the web or what your destination is on your vacation. It is almost like Big Brother has his eye on you… Can it be? OF COURSE! All the information about you is on the internet and any input you give to OnStar itself makes you a target. You don’t even have to be “droned!”

In the article below read about the patent that has been applied for to target you with advertisements while you drive. Your buddy “Hal” (OnStar) is watching you and perhaps listening in (who knows). – You have been targeted.

Perhaps it will someday post your picture on a billboard or address you, “Hey, Bill, come to Arby’s at the next exit. Bring your wife and two children, too!” Well, it is not there yet (is it?) but it could be happening in the near future before your eyes. Instead of touring the nation as a “get-away,” you will be driving a “got’cha vacation,” being targeted with no escape from commercialism.

OnStar Patent for Technology Would Use ‘Vehicle Telematics’ to Target Billboard Ads | Video |

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