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PLEASE stop purchasing things at Walgreen because they caved to the left.  They caved to Media Matters and Media Matters doesn’t matter.  Spread this to your friends.  We say NO to Walgreens.  I suggest walk in and look around and leave without purchasing anything and mentioned to them It’s because they caved to Media Matters pressure. Perhaps get a group of friends and go together. Do not draw media attention that only advertises for Walgreens.

Media Matters is a left-wing arm of Obama’s administration and does his bidding to lie about those in the center and on the right.  They spread lies, insinuations and propagate their stories to NBC, ABC, CBS, which use their stories, often without checking the validity and often word for word.  Thank you.


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Romney-conomist Greg Mankiw wants a further $2/gallon gas tax?

Romney-conomist Greg Mankiw wants a further $2/gallon gas tax?.

Economic Policy Journal:

As the price of gasoline soars, top Mitt Romney adviser, Harvard economist Greg Mankiw sticks to his guns and calls for a hike in gasoline taxes. In a recent blog post, Mankiw points to a WaPo column which states:

N. Gregory Mankiw, former top economic adviser to President George W. Bush and current adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also backs a stiff gas tax increase… In a New York Times column this year, Mr. Mankiw offered a tax overhaul that might include a gas tax “exceeding” $2 per gallon.

I don’t think that’s going to be too popular. It’s not clear from that snippet that he’s adding an additional $2 on top of what’s already there, but if that’s what he’s proposing, Romney’s got some explaining to do. Not much more to that post, but good snark at the end.

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