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Tempe housing complex for deaf under fire

It is time that the government and specifically, HUD, be brought under control. They are discriminating against the Deaf in America, especially in Arizona, but affecting Deaf from many states who want to live in a Deaf community. It is being called REVERSE DISCRIMINATION.

Deaf have a very UNIQUE situation and it does not fit the other situations experienced by all disabled. The problem is a communications problem and their only and unique means to be able to relate. to the Deaf it would be the same as saying they cannot have their unique schools!

We need to see an outcry from all who want to see the Deaf receive fair and just treatment for their unique needs. HUD needs to drop their intended law suit.

Tempe housing complex for deaf under fire.

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It’s Not Just About Knowing Signs

Here is some great information for those who are interested in American Sign Language and/or relating to the Deaf community.

It’s Not Just About Knowing Signs.

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ASL (SIGN LANGUAGE) Interpreting

@Deaf_Insight I think this guy makes good points relating to interpreting. Since your goal is being a terp, enjoy.

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