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Christians: The Pathetically Shameful Silent Majority

I can not add much to this article. Read it. Then get off your couch… Remember, silence is often not golden, it is just plain yellow.

Christians: The Pathetically Shameful Silent Majority.

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Don’t let the progressive left marginalize you. Don’t allow them to intimidate you and make you fearful of speaking out. Will you allow fear of “offending” your liberal friends prohibit you from speaking and standing for righteousness? I know one lady pastor who has done this already. It saddens me.

The Bible says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the RIGHTEOUS do?” The apostle Paul gives us the answer, Ephesians 6:13–18 “13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and AFTER YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING, TO STAND. 14 STAND FIRM then, with the BELT OF TRUTH buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness THAT COMES FROM THE GOSPEL OF PEACE. 16 In addition to all this, take up the SHIELD OF FAITH, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD.

18 AND PRAY IN THE SPIRIT on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and ALWAYS KEEP ON PRAYING FOR ALL THE LORD’S PEOPLE.

WE ARE TO BE MIGHTY SOLDIERS, DRESSED FOR BATTLE! He tells us to stand firm – we are not to have a wimpy Christianity; wearing the BELT OF TRUTH – Jesus spoke truth based on principles, godly principles and not all were in the Old Testament; preparing our feet with a “GOSPEL OF PEACE” – Peace, not pacifism [pacifism does not bring peace, but turmoil]; having a SWORD OF THE SPIRIT – which is the WORD OF GOD – which embodies principles that were Republic was founded upon – LIFE, LIBERTY, THE DIGNITY OF ALL MEN, poor or rich, delivering the Word of God, so that people UNDERSTAND AND EXPERIENCE real freedom – these principles have brought the Western world into the state of freedom, liberty and prosperity which we now experience so that we, through OUR OWN VOLITION, not a government mandate, can bless the rest of the world and promote their dignity, their salvation, their freedom from tyrannical oppression and enslavement which all the satanic hordes would put on people.

We are to put on THE HELMET OF SALVATION, which is a proper understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom – “may his kingdom, and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Is that happening? Are we being the salt of the earth? Or are we the salt that has lost its savor? Lost its power to preserve? Lost its power to flavor our society, our culture? It is not supposed to be limited to only one area of life, but is to be all inclusive.

We are commanded, exhorted, to pray in the Spirit on all occasions – with all kinds of prayers and requests, keeping in mind TO BE ALERT praying especially for ALL THE LORD’S PEOPLE. Are we praying, “ALL KINDS OF PRAYERS AND REQUESTS?” And… Are we praying for ALL THE LORD’S PEOPLE? Those alive now and those to come, those to be won through evangelism, through our testimonies, through the witness of our lives? ARE WE? Are our lives making a way, the simplest way possible, for people to come into a loving, knowledgeable relationship with Jesus Christ?

“HAVING DONE ALL TO STAND,” are we standing? Are we strong or are we marginalized? Are we BEING a witness? Are we salt with savor?




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Carson prayer speech – C-SPAN Video Library – AWESOME AND UNIQUE!

This is REQUIRED WATCHING  for YOU! This speech puts things in their right perspective! (If only BO – Obama would listen – But he may not because it is not from the mouth of Jeremiah Wright…)

Carson prayer speech – C-SPAN Video Library.

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We need more people with more passion for the Lord and His kingdom.  But also, God calls different people to different areas of ministry.  Loren Cunningham, the founder of YOUTH WITH A MISSION taught about the “SEVEN MIND MOLDERS” of culture that influence the lives of people.  God needs people in all of these areas, especially if we want to see God’s kingdom established “on earth as it is in heaven.”

THE SEVEN MIND MOLDERS are the Family, Church, Government, Business, Education, Media, and Arts and Entertainment.  For us to truly finished the great commission, we need to find which sphere God is calling us to influence, invade that sphere, and demonstrate God’s excellence to release His Life and commands into that sphere, thus representing God’s kingdom there.

We cannot judge other people’s callings, but need to support all who are trying to make a godly impact into these seven areas.  Each person is responsible to do their calling as God had called them.  As a missionary to the world, I understand the importance of evangelism – especially friendship evangelism and changing the hearts and minds of people.  But, speaking in the area of politics, a nation without freedom limits the ability to send missionaries into all the world.  I believe that America has been given that mandate for freedom so that we can be the greatest sending nation for the sake of the Gospel.

In my mind, ONE of the ways that people can do this, in all the these areas of influence, is to be involved politically in any way possible so that we can promote righteousness in the earth.  The Bible says, “if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  One of the answers seems to me to be: REBUILD THE FOUNDATIONS.  In this day and time of our nation’s foundations are being quickly eroded and we need people to stand and be involved in rebuilding those foundations.  Those foundations of our nation, established in our founding documents, were initially built on the recognition of God,  “… And endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

One of the tenets of our Christian faith is that “Christ came to set us free.” God weants people to be free.  First, we need spiritual freedom, this is most basic.  Then, freedom as a people (ethnos) allows a greater proclamation of the Word of God.  As these foundations crumble and erode it affects all those other areas of the SEVEN MIND MOLDERS, just as the failure to have a passion for God also causes the foundations to continue to crumble and erode.  Actually, we can’t neglect any of these areas of the Mind Molders.  We need people of passion involved in all these areas as God calls them… and we need to support them equally.

We are to be salt and light.  If the salt loses its saltiness.  It is no good.  As I’m sure you know salt is a preservative and we need to do our part to preserve what God has established. If we are to see the KINGDOM OF GOD established on EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, we all need to be the SALT OF THE EARTH as God calls us to be, so we can MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS and in all the spheres of influence.  So no matter which area of the MIND MOLDERS we are involved in, we need to bring Christ and righteousness into those areas, and we need to do it with PASSION.  …And we need to be supportive of each other no matter what their area of ministry happens to be.

Our goal in all these MIND MOLDER areas is to establish the KINGDOM OF GOD IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF MEN!  “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  “Righteousness exalts a nation.  But sin is a reproach to any people.”

“… And having done all this to stand, STAND…” “… Being fervent in spirit serving the Lord…”


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Despite polls, Venezuela opposition sees win over Chavez | Reuters

Chavez’s opponent has complete confidence that he will be able to win the October election even though pollsters say Chavez has a 15 point lead.  The interesting thing is that Chavez’ opponent is a Christian.  He said he is putting his trust in the Lord to help him win as well as a strong house to house campaign to meet with people.

I say, “Right On!” – Wouldn’t that be a wonderful turnaround for Venezuela, after all the corruption, to have a president who is a Christian?  Chavez, who is 57 years old, has been struggling with cancer and is not able to get out among the people very much at this point in time.

My concern is that Chavez will do something illegal or immoral to slant the election or use fraudulent voting techniques such as some of the progressives in the United States are want to do.

For those here in the USA or others who read this blog, if you are Christian.  I certainly encourage you to pray for this situation in Venezuela.  “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Despite polls, Venezuela opposition sees win over Chavez | Reuters.

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Where are THE ELIJAHs of God? (let it echo…)

Where are THE ELIJAHs of God? (let it echo in your mind….)

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Abortion by Sex| Read Then Weep| Then Buy the Book

Read this is you are appauled by “Abortion by Sex.” This is an excerpt*


The basic problem of the Christians in this country in the last eighty years or so, in regard to society and in regard to government, is that they have seen things in bits and pieces instead of totals.

They have very gradually become disturbed over permissiveness, pornography, the public schools, the breakdown of the family, and finally abortion.  But they have not seen this as a totality – each thing being a part, a symptom, of a much larger problem.  They have failed to see that all of this has come about due to a shift in world view – that is, through a fundamental change in the overall way people think and view the world and life as a whole.  This shift has been away from a world view that was at least vaguely Christian in the people’s memory (even if they were not individually Christian) toward something completely different – for a world view based upon the idea that the final reality is impersonal matter or energy shaped into its present form by impersonal chance.  They have not seen that this world view has taken the place of the one that had previously dominated northern European culture, including the United States, which was at least Christian in memory, even if the individuals were not individually Christian.

These two world views stand as totals incomplete antithesis to each other in content and also in their natural results – including sociological and governmental results, and specifically including law.

It is not that these two world views are different only in how they understand the nature of reality and existence.  They also inevitably produce totally different results.  The operative word here is inevitably.  It is not just that they happen to bring forth different results, but it is absolutely inevitable that there will bring forth different results.

Why have the Christians been so slow to understand this?  There are various reasons, but the central one is a defective view of Christianity.  This has its roots in the Pietistic movement under the leadership of P. J. Spener in the seventeenth century.  Pietism began as a healthy protest against formalism and a too abstract Christianity.  But it had a deficient, “platonic” spirituality.  It was platonic in the sense that Pietism made a sharp division between the “spiritual” and “material” world – giving little, or no, importance to the “material” world.  The totality of human existence was not afforded a proper place.  In particular, it neglected the intellectual dimension of Christianity.

Christianity and spirituality were shut up to a small, isolated part of life.  The totality of reality was ignored by the pietistic thinking.  Let me quickly say that in one sense Christians should be Pietists in that Christianity is not just a set of doctrines, even the right documents.  Every doctrine is in some way to have an effect upon our lives.  But the poor side of Pietism and its resulting platonic outlook have really been a tragedy not only in many peoples individual lives, but in our total culture.

True spirituality covers all of reality.  There are things the Bible tells us as absolutes, which are sinful – which do not conform to the character of God.  But aside from these the Lordship of Christ covers all of life and all of life equally.  It is not only that true spirituality covers all of life, but it covers all parts of the spectrum of life equally.  In this sense there is nothing concerning reality that is not spiritual.

Related to this, it seems to me, in fact that many Christians do not mean what I mean when I say Christianity is true, or Truth.  They are Christians and they believe in, let us say, the truth of creation, the truth of the virgin birth, the truth of Christ’s miracles, Christ substitutionary death, and His coming again.  But they stopped there with these and other individual truths.

When I say Christianity is true I mean it is true to total reality – the total of what is, beginning with the central reality, the objective existence of the personal – infinite God.  Christianity is not just a series of truth but Truth – Truth about all of reality.  And the holding to that Truth intellectually – and then in some poor way living upon that Truth, the Truth of what is – brings forth not only certain personal results, but also governmental and legal results.

Now let’s go over to the other side – to those who hold the materialistic final reality concept.  They saw the complete and total difference between the two portions more quickly than Christians.  There were the Huxley’s, George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950), and many others who understood a long time ago that there are two total concepts of reality, and that it was one total reality against the other and not just a set of isolated and separated differences.  The Humanist Manifesto I, published in 1933, showed the crystal clarity of their comprehension of the totality of what is involved.  It was to our shame that Julian (1887 – 1975) and Aldus Huxley (1894 – 1963), and others like them, understood much earlier than Christians that these two world views are two total concepts of reality standing in antithesis to each other.  We should be utterly ashamed that this is the fact.

They understood not only that there were two totally different concepts but that they would bring forth two totally different conclusions, both for individuals and for society.  What we must understand is that the two world views really do bring forth an inevitable certainty not only personal differences, but also total differences in regard to society, government, and law.

There is no way to mix these two total world views.  They are separate entities that cannot be synthesized.  Yet we must say that liberal theology, the very essence of it from its beginning, is an attempt to mix the two.  Liberal theology tried to bring forth a mixture soon after the Enlightenment and has tried to synthesize these two views right up to our own day.  But in each case when the chips are down, these liberal theologians have always come down, as naturally as a ship coming into home port, on the side of the nonreligious humanist.  They do this with certainty because of what their liberal theology really is is humanism expressed in theological terms instead of philosophic or other terms.

“An example of coming down naturally on the side of nonreligious humanist is the article by Charles Hawthorne in the January 21, 1981, issue of The Christian Century, pages 42 – 45.  It is, “Concerning Abortion, an Attempt at a Rational View.”  He begins by equating the fact that the human fetus is alive with the fact that mosquitoes and bacteria are also alive.  That is, he begins to assume that human life is not unique.  He then continues by saying that even after the baby is born it is not fully human until its social relations develop (though he says the infant does have some primitive social relations an unborn fetus does not have).  His conclusion is, “Nevertheless, I have little sympathy with the idea that infanticide is just another form of murder.  Persons who are already functionally persons in the full sense have more important rights than infants.”  He then, logically, takes the next step: “Does this distinction apply to the killing of a hopelessly senile person or one in a permanent coma?  For me it does.”  No atheistic humanist could sat it with greater clarity.  It is significant at this point to note that many denominations controlled by liberal theology have come out, publicly and strongly, in favor of abortion.

Doctor Martin E. Marty is one of the respected, theologically liberal spokesmen.  He is an associate editor all of The Christian Century and Fairfax M. Cohen distinguished service professor at the University of Chicago Divinity school.  He is often quoted in the secular press as a spokesman for “mainstream” Christianity.  In a Christian Century article in January 7 – 14, 1981, issue (pages 13 – 17 with an additional on page 31), he has as an article entitled: “Dear Republicans: A Letter on Humanisms.”  In it he brilliantly confuses the terms “being human,” humanism, the humanities and being “in love with humanity.”  Why does he do this?  As a historian  he knows the distinction of these words, but when one is done with these pages the poor reader who knows no better is left with the eradication of the total distinction between the Christian position and the humanist one.  I admire the cleverness of the article… (Quoted from The Christian Manifesto by Francis Schaeffer)
 *after which I hope you buy the book. (It can be purchased at Amazon or other fine book stores.)

“A Christian Manifesto” Chapter One
by Francis Shaeffer
NOTE:  read these to see he was not exagerating!
The Communist Manifesto, 1848.
Humanist Manifesto I 1933
Humanist Manifesto II 1973.

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