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This is important! We need to be involved in educating people regarding the constitution. I am adding the link to be embedded into your social media, your blogs and any means at your disposal. Please listen to the videos for some startling stats and then let it motivate you to take a stand by sharing this information. It can mean a lot regarding helping citizens become educated in taking back states rights that have been trodden down – and it can be done just by education our voters and public servants.


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We can be changers of history if we are willing to stand out and stand up.


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*Because Israel refused to stand for righteousness in Jesus’ time their nation was taken from them and destroyed. Do not think it won’t happen again if we refuse to stand and vocalize the need for righteousness and justice in our nation.

*We do not need cowering Christians. We, in America have been granted the right by God and Constitution to speak out what is right and what is wrong in our nation. I really appreciate those Christian-Conservative-Americans who are not afraid to stand for their values as Christians AND being Conservative-Americans and are unwilling to be marginalized and silenced by those who claim to be “their friends” on the left who are intolerant while clamoring for tolerance and wanting their “friends” to shut up about what IS right and has Biblical foundations.

*HE HAS SHOWN YOU O MAN WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE OF YOU, BUT TO DO JUSTLY, LOVE MERCY AND WALK HUMBLY WITH YOUR GOD -MICAH 6:8. Do not think you can do justly and love mercy without standing up for it before the foes of God who want to destroy this nation He has given us.


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Who To Choose – Adviser: Surrogates ‘Eviscerating’ Romney Previously Asked for Cabinet Positions

We need to out the “Political Class” and get back to people who take positions with reticence not exuberance, People who really want to serve the people, not people who want positions, people who want to to serve because they love America, not people who want to “substantially transform it.”

We need to chose the right candidates who have the right motivations.  We need to choose those who have values that have been the foundation of America since its beginning. We do not need to chose people who shoot their mouths off like loose cannons and display their lack of self-discipline.

If conservatives want to be winners, they need to choose better people, more principled people, without that, we will never take back the nation and rebuild the foundations.  Yes there are differences today that 200 plus years ago, however, principles never change, we only need to know how apply them properly. For that to happen, we also need men of wisdom, proven wisdom and proven character.

Adviser: Surrogates ‘Eviscerating’ Romney Previously Asked for Cabinet Positions.

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Turn up the heat! Call Sen.Lindsey Graham

Turn up the heat! Call Sen.Lindsey Graham 202-224-5972 & Sen.Bob Corker 202-224-3344 & DEMAND they OPPOSE UN LOST&GUN #RT!

Do not allow the Obama Administration and gun haters to turn this UN Treaty and its War on Guns on the Americn citizens, destroying the Second Amendment Right and bring our U.S. Constitution under the overreach of the United Nations.

We should not allow the GREAT EXPERIMENT to come under the control of the United Nations, especially when they can not even govern themselves. Most of those governments are socialistic and we DEFINATELY do not need to bring that into this nation when we are fighting to return to being a Republic.

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