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Carson prayer speech – C-SPAN Video Library – AWESOME AND UNIQUE!

This is REQUIRED WATCHING  for YOU! This speech puts things in their right perspective! (If only BO – Obama would listen – But he may not because it is not from the mouth of Jeremiah Wright…)

Carson prayer speech – C-SPAN Video Library.

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Hear the Sucking Sound of Jobs Being Flushed Down the Toilet

Millions of layoffs coming as a result of Obamacare.  Businesses are doing this as a matter of survival. It is cheaper for them to pay the $2000 fine than to add health care for their employees.  This is unintended consequences of the law. Applebee’s, Papa John’s, and myriads of other businesses are having to lay people off.

It is also an unintended result of the election, unless both Democrats and Republicans call for the repeal of Obamacare.  I doubt that it will happen.  But this is the result of the great Job Creator.” With 23 million people already out of work or underemployed things will not get better. Those who are working part-time will continue to work part-time and many more workers will be reduced from 40 hour workweek to a part-time position.

All those people who wanted to freebies from the government are going to find out there are fewer people to pay taxes, and therefore the freebies they want are not going to be able to be given to them as freely as they had hoped.  Actually, the entitlements are going to be less available then more available and people will notice this when they want to go to a doctor or need special care.

Is there any place for blame?  I believe it rests on those who voted for Obama – the 50% – they wanted everything given to them and were willing to make tough choices. now those tough choices are forced upon them after bringing our nation to its knees economically and as a world power unless changes are quickly made in Congress. if we don’t see the TEA party get revived and the conservatives elected it can only become worse.

We must be about saving our nation and returning it to his strong foundational principles that allowed us to grow in 200 years to be the strongest country in the world. let’s stop being a bastion for beggars and be committed to individuality, fiscal responsibility, responsible citizens and a people of integrity – all this has been lost in the l decade.

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Pat Boone: Obama’s Plan to Raise Estate Tax is ‘Robbery’

Obama has the intention to raise the estate tax, commonly called “DEATH TAX” and Pat Boone and an organization that he works with, “60 Plus Association.”

The 60 Plus Association  has pointed out that AARP has betrayed the elderly and is working hand-in-hand with the Obama administration on the bill.   AARP’s spokesman has denied this fact that there is plenty of evidence that they are speaking Faux-Truth.

“Just recently, a bunch of emails were discovered from the AARP to the White House,” Martin said. “In those official emails from the American Association of Retired Persons, they said to them, ‘We’ve got to change our messaging.’ Why? Because their mail was running 14-to-l against this bill. Fourteen to one. That’s devastating numbers.

The ugly truth has come out that the AARP was working hand-in-glove with President Obama on this bill,” he said. “We’ve been saying all along they should’ve been listening, well, we now modify that. They were listening. They just weren’t paying attention to what seniors were telling them. And that’s going to come back to haunt them in November.”

Martin said that the Democrats have in their DNA” to scare seniors that Republicans want to take away their Social Security and Medicaid– all of which is a lie.  They intentionally deceive the seniors so that they may secure their votes. The 60 Plus Association is doing a bus tour to spread the truth.

Note:  this editor suggests that those people who belong to AARP dropped them immediately and join the organization, AMAC Inc, the Association of Mature American Citizens, with their link https//:AMAC.US  – AMAC is a senior organization for conservative Americans age 50 plus.

Pat Boone: Obama’s Plan to Raise Estate Tax is ‘Robbery’.

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Obama dealing in bad faith with Congress; favorability hits new low | Twitchy

Obama dealing in bad faith with Congress; favorability hits new low | Twitchy.

Our president again is practicing the policy a failure.  His numbers continue to decline.  He would be better off exchanging roles with Biden.  Mr. “foot in your mouth.”  Biden is starting to gain better favorability and President Obama.

The president continues to talk down to people instead of  respecting others, lecturing,  Boehner and the Republicans– going into his community organizer mode.  then he changed several of Sunday’s key deal points, with an attitude of superiority, continuing to prepare himself as an ideologue.   Thus,  backpedaling on previous agreements and becoming the President of “NO!” and holding that Congress hostage.

It seems the only way to get anything done in Washington, DC, is to replace this president and his cohorts in the Senate.

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2012 Top Conservative Colleges List – College – Fox Nation

2012 Top Conservative Colleges List – College – Fox Nation.

These are the best places to get a good education for your money.

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President Obama is expressing serious Petro-phobia.  He and his director for EPA have expressed the desire to see gas prices rise above five dollars.  The reason for doing that.  He says is that people will stop driving is much that they would get smaller cars and that we will become less dependent on fossil fuels.  This is not a man who has the interests of the American public at heart.

The President and his administration are seeking to stop the Keystone pipeline, which is against the national interests as far as expanding our oil production and access to fossil fuels at reasonable prices.

When he initially vetoed the Keystone pipeline.  He blamed Republicans.  The Senate and the House, were trying to bypass President Obama’s veto by getting enough people to override that veto.    Why did he lobby Senate Democrats to get them to stop the bill?

This demonstrates IT IS President Obama’s goal to stop the Keystone pipeline.  This has brought out into the open his overt efforts to stop the pipeline that would produce less dependence on Middle Eastern oil and would provide jobs for thousands of workers – it is estimated 20,000 new jobs for Americans! Why?  He says we need to promote other alternative fuels.

Our nation is in no way ready to just stop the use of fossil fuels. There is no way that we can even compete on an international market for solar energy or wind energy.  The technology is not there to provide enough alternate energy and his plan drastically curtails the economy, jobs and forces us to energy dependence on fossil fuels from other nations.  This is not in the best interests of our citizens nor our economy at a time that this should be a major focus.

Recently he has told Brazil to drill offshore wells in the Gulf of Mexico and that the United States would be their best customer.  Then why does he limit American companies from drilling offshore, where, at least, we would have control over the safety requirements and it would produce an income for the government, via taxes?  This is not a President who is looking out for the interests of the citizens of the United States.


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Romney-conomist Greg Mankiw wants a further $2/gallon gas tax?

Romney-conomist Greg Mankiw wants a further $2/gallon gas tax?.

Economic Policy Journal:

As the price of gasoline soars, top Mitt Romney adviser, Harvard economist Greg Mankiw sticks to his guns and calls for a hike in gasoline taxes. In a recent blog post, Mankiw points to a WaPo column which states:

N. Gregory Mankiw, former top economic adviser to President George W. Bush and current adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also backs a stiff gas tax increase… In a New York Times column this year, Mr. Mankiw offered a tax overhaul that might include a gas tax “exceeding” $2 per gallon.

I don’t think that’s going to be too popular. It’s not clear from that snippet that he’s adding an additional $2 on top of what’s already there, but if that’s what he’s proposing, Romney’s got some explaining to do. Not much more to that post, but good snark at the end.

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