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Hear the Sucking Sound of Jobs Being Flushed Down the Toilet

Millions of layoffs coming as a result of Obamacare.  Businesses are doing this as a matter of survival. It is cheaper for them to pay the $2000 fine than to add health care for their employees.  This is unintended consequences of the law. Applebee’s, Papa John’s, and myriads of other businesses are having to lay people off.

It is also an unintended result of the election, unless both Democrats and Republicans call for the repeal of Obamacare.  I doubt that it will happen.  But this is the result of the great Job Creator.” With 23 million people already out of work or underemployed things will not get better. Those who are working part-time will continue to work part-time and many more workers will be reduced from 40 hour workweek to a part-time position.

All those people who wanted to freebies from the government are going to find out there are fewer people to pay taxes, and therefore the freebies they want are not going to be able to be given to them as freely as they had hoped.  Actually, the entitlements are going to be less available then more available and people will notice this when they want to go to a doctor or need special care.

Is there any place for blame?  I believe it rests on those who voted for Obama – the 50% – they wanted everything given to them and were willing to make tough choices. now those tough choices are forced upon them after bringing our nation to its knees economically and as a world power unless changes are quickly made in Congress. if we don’t see the TEA party get revived and the conservatives elected it can only become worse.

We must be about saving our nation and returning it to his strong foundational principles that allowed us to grow in 200 years to be the strongest country in the world. let’s stop being a bastion for beggars and be committed to individuality, fiscal responsibility, responsible citizens and a people of integrity – all this has been lost in the l decade.

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Our nation has come through another election designed by our forefathers.  But this election leaves a lot of heads shaking, hearts grieving and a time for deep reflection.

It is almost demoralizing. I don’t fault Romney, I fault the American people – at least about 50% of them. I see a failure in morality, I see a failure in understanding the basic principles of government as our forefathers had established America, I see an inability to discern truth from lies, I see and narcissism, I see a failure in work ethic, I see a failure in recognizing the value of individuality, I see a failure to take on personal responsibility, I see a gullibility– naivety, and I see a “blame game” mindset.

I see the need for the Republicans, no, the conservatives to reeducate America and not accept the fact that the liberals have taken over our educational system nor accept the fact that we must restore the foundational principles.  The conservatives need to aggressively attack the false ideas presented by the progressives, clearly, very clearly pointing out the distinctions between the falsehoods and the truth and we must stand.  Beside this, we need to pray for a real turnaround in our nation simultaneous with the reeducation of America.  We need people who will stand up and teach principles and attack the ideas presented by the enemies of America, the America that our forefathers had envisioned.

John Adams said, “we have no government armed and power capable of contending in human passions I’m British by morale of tea and religion… Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Are you doing the right thing, are you instructing, are you standing, are you proclaiming the right principles that our nation was founded upon?  The problem is that many others are not and we must not fail in our responsibility to our prodigy and we must not cower under the liberals imposition of political correctness, or their mocking, nor their lying, nor their threatening, nor their demeaning, nor their attempt to marginalize.  And we must continue the fight.  Even though we are tired and weary, just like the Continental Army did back in the Revolutionary War, because we are carrying on that Revolutionary war.  We must continue the fight, not as someone who is shadowboxing but as someone who knows and understands his opponent.

Many serious questions are facing us as a result of this recent presidential election.  Our FOREIGN-POLICY is in a crisis when we consider situations around the world that we are facing, including Russia, the Middle East, Iran, China, and Israel – these are heavy, weighty situations.

We are faced with our nation becoming a debtor nation to China.  We have to deal with a president who wants to lead from behind and never in history has this been successful – it is a cowards way to lead.  A true Commander-in-Chief leads from the front.  We have extreme joblessness.

We have a president whose goal is to destroy the coal industry and fails to make us energy independent.  When we have oil available if we will just drill and if we run the Keystone pipeline.

We have a nation lost without a moral compass to help us find our way.  We have a political party in power that thinks it’s all right to lie to get what ever you want – the ends justifies the means.

We have criminals in the highest offices in the land, abandoning the rule of law, setting aside the U.S. Constitution and attempting to rewrite history according to their agenda.  They have also moved the nation away from a capitalistic system toward a socialistic or some even say a communistic system of government.

Your heart should be grieved.  If it is not, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.


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If you show up at the polls and international watchers show up.  You have every right to tell them you don’t want them there because state laws in most states require 50 to 200 feet from the poll center for anyone who is not a voter.

Many of these people who come to watch our voting system come from dictatorships or places that deny rights for voting or places that require voter ID but are protesting any use of voter ID in our elections.  The laws in all 50 states declare these people are not allowed to be there no matter who sent them.

Many of these are sponsored by former ACORN groups.  This is a direct attack on voters in an attempt to throw the election for Obama.


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Remember we not only need to change the President we need to change…

Remember we not only need to change the president in NOV 2012 but we also need to make changes in the House and (cont)

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