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With all the people getting involved throughout the nation protesting the Department of Labor’s infringement on the rights of the citizens of the United States and family farms, we were able to convince them not to push this rule through!

It’s good to be able to get involved in the process and help win the WAR ON FARMS! I want to thank any readers of this blog who got involved and wrote their senators and congressmen and women as we did our part against this intrusion of government where it does not belong!

Just in from Twitter:

Rep Kristi Noem: Big win for SD family farms: Admin withdrew rules banning kids from doing farm chores. Thx 2 all South Dakotans who stood up w/ me to oppose.

Dana Perino: Important: labor dept says proposed rules on farm labor/kids won’t be pursued during the entire Obama admin.

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Posted by on April 26, 2012 in US POLITICS


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