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Morality CAN Be Legislated

Many people say “Morality can not be legislated.”

Actually morality can be legislated. God did for the Israelites and the Christians and our own government does for all of us who are Americans. The Law says we are not allowed to steal the property of others in our society. It says that we are not allowed to murder, embezzle, commit fraud, abuse children and many, many, more like these moral code of conduct. If we do commit these moral crimes, we are punished. THIS IS LEGISLATING MORALITY.

Many people quote the same line without realizing that it is totally wrong. People need to think more about some of the things they say. This is not meant as a put down, but to correct the many who just repeat things without thinking all the way through. It is also important to realize that ideas have consequences, therefore it is very important what ideas we hold on to and espouse.

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