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Deaf People Can’t Get Jobs: Americans with Disabilities Act

The ADA (AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT) has been seen to have some negative effects for the Deaf people in these troubled times when it comes to them finding a job that pays them well enough to live on. Though the ADA has some very positive benefits in other situations, and the job market, many Deaf people find it causes problems for them.

While we don’t need more people becoming dependent upon the government–becoming part of the nanny state–our government needs to understand the plight of Deaf people and see if there are more constructive things they can do that will give equal footing to Deaf people when competing for jobs with the hearing people. While the following article ask questions, it does not provide answers. Perhaps as you read this article you may have some positive suggestions that can be used to help those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to find quality jobs.

Deaf People Can’t Get Jobs: Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Hear the Sucking Sound of Jobs Being Flushed Down the Toilet

Millions of layoffs coming as a result of Obamacare.  Businesses are doing this as a matter of survival. It is cheaper for them to pay the $2000 fine than to add health care for their employees.  This is unintended consequences of the law. Applebee’s, Papa John’s, and myriads of other businesses are having to lay people off.

It is also an unintended result of the election, unless both Democrats and Republicans call for the repeal of Obamacare.  I doubt that it will happen.  But this is the result of the great Job Creator.” With 23 million people already out of work or underemployed things will not get better. Those who are working part-time will continue to work part-time and many more workers will be reduced from 40 hour workweek to a part-time position.

All those people who wanted to freebies from the government are going to find out there are fewer people to pay taxes, and therefore the freebies they want are not going to be able to be given to them as freely as they had hoped.  Actually, the entitlements are going to be less available then more available and people will notice this when they want to go to a doctor or need special care.

Is there any place for blame?  I believe it rests on those who voted for Obama – the 50% – they wanted everything given to them and were willing to make tough choices. now those tough choices are forced upon them after bringing our nation to its knees economically and as a world power unless changes are quickly made in Congress. if we don’t see the TEA party get revived and the conservatives elected it can only become worse.

We must be about saving our nation and returning it to his strong foundational principles that allowed us to grow in 200 years to be the strongest country in the world. let’s stop being a bastion for beggars and be committed to individuality, fiscal responsibility, responsible citizens and a people of integrity – all this has been lost in the l decade.

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This is a man who is serious about creating jobs in America.  He is so fake it can’t be covered up.  We need to vote for jobs – we need to vote for hope and change:  WE HOPE THIS CHANGES!
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House Shrugs Off White House Veto Threat, Votes to Require Approval of Keystone XL Energy Pipeline

AGAIN, HIS ROYAL HONOR JOB PROVIDER OBAMA, nixes the Keystone pipeline, or threatens to veto it.  What?  Unbelievable! Where is his heart for the middle class? Where is is heart for the worker? Where is his heart to get people off of unemployment? WHERE IS HIS HEART?

he is toying with the hearts of America.  He is toying with the hearts of the citizens.  He really has no heart for the people he only has a heart for his political agenda and he doesn’t give a crap about the people.  Have you ever seen a Royal sovereign with an attitude like this?  Only back with King George in the 1770s.  He had no heart for the people he only wanted their taxes and was concerned about what they can do for him.

It’s time we throw his TEA overboard – because we are Taxed Enough Already.  And were Tired Enough Already.  And we are Tricked Enough Already.  It’s time we Tell’im – Enough Already!

It’s time to end the vacations, the golfing, the basketball and get to work and the same goes for Harry Reid and the Progressives in the Senate!


Get to work and let us get to work approve the Keystone pipeline!


House Shrugs Off White House Veto Threat, Votes to Require Approval of Keystone XL Energy Pipeline | Speaker of the House John Boehner |

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