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Here’s Why Liberal Talk About Income Inequality Is Just Talk: How Their Obsession Is Only Used For Show –

The liberals who espouse taking from the rich and giving to the poor are just a big bag of hot air. Could this be the cause of Global Warming? They say take from the rich and give to the poor, but, do they really mean it? Are they really opposed to the free market system? It is the free market system that gave them their wealth.

What do they do with their wealth? Do they divide it up among those poor less fortunate than they? I haven’t seen it, if they do. Where in all the records does it show the Barack Obama has given his millions to the poor, even poor minorities? He has made millions on his books. He is much richer now than when he became President, at least four times richer. Nancy Pelosi who is multi-millionaire which was made through insider trading, which, by the way, is legal for members of congress, but not legal for the rest of Americans who are much poorer than most of those in congress.

The point is if they really believed what they say, would be moved in their heart to give, give, give to the poor and desolate. But they don’t. They only want to give your money to the poor masses. They want you to become poorer while they keep their wealth which will establish a greater gulf between them and the rest of the people, allowing them to become even richer.

Do you see the hypocrisy? They spin their web to trap the uninformed voters and those who do not think for themselves to keep them in power so they can continue to make millions while attempting to look good and benevolent in the sight of those who do not have, setting up a great gulf between the rich and the poor. Today, since Obama has come into office, there is a greater disparity between the rich and the poor. He has done nothing to help the poor raise themselves out of their environment. In fact, there has been a drop in the income levels of the middle class while and increase in the income of the richest. They only want to “look good.”

Read this following article for more insight into this situation…

Here’s Why Liberal Talk About Income Inequality Is Just Talk: How Their Obsession Is Only Used For Show –

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*Because Israel refused to stand for righteousness in Jesus’ time their nation was taken from them and destroyed. Do not think it won’t happen again if we refuse to stand and vocalize the need for righteousness and justice in our nation.

*We do not need cowering Christians. We, in America have been granted the right by God and Constitution to speak out what is right and what is wrong in our nation. I really appreciate those Christian-Conservative-Americans who are not afraid to stand for their values as Christians AND being Conservative-Americans and are unwilling to be marginalized and silenced by those who claim to be “their friends” on the left who are intolerant while clamoring for tolerance and wanting their “friends” to shut up about what IS right and has Biblical foundations.

*HE HAS SHOWN YOU O MAN WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE OF YOU, BUT TO DO JUSTLY, LOVE MERCY AND WALK HUMBLY WITH YOUR GOD -MICAH 6:8. Do not think you can do justly and love mercy without standing up for it before the foes of God who want to destroy this nation He has given us.


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A Time to Spam An Obama Campaign site and a Time not to Spam

Obama’s team has put together a Facebook page disingenuously called “Truth Team 2012.” In reality it is a malicious gossip page to slam Mitt Romney and propagate propaganda perniciously.

The whole goal of this Facebook page is to obfuscate the truth and make a lie look like the truth and the truth look like a lie. The whole truth is that the Obama team, and Obama himself would not know the truth if it bit him. He is in a constant state of somnombulance.

What a great leader – NOT! He is full of psychobabble and feeding the minds of those who only can use low-value words and phrases, easily duped into Chicago-style manipulation of facts and obfuscation of the truth. He uses this to hide his latent “full plan” for the destruction of the U. S. Constitution and the nation that supports it as he attempts to “fundamentally transform America.”

This is why he seals his records at college and now again in Fast and Furious, duping the veiled minds of the mindless who have vailed their minds and who have eyes to see but do not see the true truth, but are lulled into a stupor of ignorance and arrogance. Tsk Tsk.

 Conservatives check this site then reply to it:

 I encourage you to log in daily or more often and leave messages that confront this belligerent acts of verbal violence vindictively praying pathetically on small minded Americans were unable to discern the truth for themselves.

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It is time to reread the Federalist Papers

It is time to reread the Federalist Papers! Read them again for the first time!

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ThinkProgress leaves the mockage door wide open: #LowerUnderObama | Twitchy

The Left never learns. check this out – they are sticking their foot in their own mouth with the new hashtags they try to set up on Twitter.  It makes a perfect target for those on the right. Take a look it is very funny and true!  The hashtag #LowerUnderObama is supposed to elicit positive responses, however due to the lack of positive things, many are doing failures, ie: the dollar, moral, jobs, etc.  Read and enjoy.

ThinkProgress leaves the mockage door wide open: #LowerUnderObama | Twitchy.

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MEMO: Culture of Evil

Obama’s Political group slanders and commits political terrorism on Frank Vandersloot.  They slandered his business only because he gave finances to Mitt Romney. They tried to ruin his business and intimidate the man and are going to try to do this to more businesses.

This is definately “Gangster Government” and anyone who believes in righteousness should be against Obama and his culture of corruption, to the degree that they should not vote for him in 2012.  His corrupt core is being exposed as the “Culture of Evil” and we will no doubt see more of this in the future, which will verify the things that are said here and being said by people who dispise this kind of Culture of Evil.

He says he is a Christian, however, Jesus says that slander is sin. I guess this shows which side of the coin Obama is on, the Christ side or the ANTI side.

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Univ. of Pennsylvania called Elizabeth Warren a minority in diversity report

More evidence seems to be surfacing about Elizabeth Warren and her claim to be a minority.  With new reports surfacing it seems that she has used this “minority” claim to help her win jobs.

There seems to be no evidence to substantiate her claim of being part Cherokee.  For that matter, she is only 1/32nd Cherokee, if that at all.  Now that she is running for public office against Scott Brown she is finally being vetted  and “weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

If she is willing to use this “claim” to promote herself in her vocation, it seems to indicate that she will use false claims, if she were elected to office – she is a woman who cannot be trusted.  But then, she is typical of most Democratic politicians who will say one thing when another is the truth.  Of course, why should she let the facts get in the way, perhaps she is just “evolving.”

There is a slight possibility that she actually believed these claims herself, yet, a lot of progressives believe a lot of things that are true.

Why won’t her campaign office release her former job applications?  And why won’t the University of Pennsylvania respond to the Daily Caller to answer their questions?  Does it look like someone is trying to coverup?

UPenn also called Elizabeth Warren a minority in diversity report | The Daily Caller.

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